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The premise here is that the human character manifests itself primarily in accordance with levels of intelligence, defined for the most part as degrees of Awareness or Cognizance. Reality is complex ranging from ant to supernova size. Intelligence means here awareness of how things work or the reasons for the activity and behavior of circumstance situations and entities. Children are aware of very little and are educated for twelve to twenty years. And even with all this education awareness is restricted to the subjects and prejudices or the degree of awareness of the educational system itself.

A farmer may be quite aware of all of the many facets of farming but un-cognizant of science, art, government and so on, and the same is such for any particular profession one might name. A farmer could fix a tractor while a scientist could not. A scientist might be able to explain mathematical projectile motion where the farmer would not. And there is the false information industry called the corporate capitalist media, the whole purpose to misinform the public of the workings of economics and politics, so as to enforce elite rule thus suppressing awareness as intelligence.

Any institution may suppress the cognizance of any individuals or organizations which are in disagreement with the tenants of the given organizations such as churches, political parties, business organizations, educational institutions, private clubs or media corporations, thus reducing the level of awareness of those members and recipients of said organizations. All of which follows along the lines of fascism, mind, thought and speech control for the good of the individual of course, who must be protected from the rabble at the gates of mind. God said the world was created in seven days period - the end. Now how unaware can this individual be ?

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