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But there it is and it is a part of one and what one is. And one may not want to pursue these connections. It takes getting used to the unconscious and hidden self, sometimes nasty stuff and not pleasant, which was the reason it was buried in the first place. Leave it in the closet. It will always be there rotting. Maybe get rid of it. Drag it out and take a look at it. At first one may not want to deal with it. It is also possible that maybe one shouldn't in some cases, as things like violence, abuse, molestation, incest, without outside help, which can sometimes be problematic also, depending on the mentality of the outside agent.

Obviously the most fruitful course is to pursue provocative associative conflicts and resolve them. Sometimes provacative connections which are difficult to contemplate, are best left alone until one gets used to the idea of them. By comparing them to other similar contexts, they may come to seem not so bad after all.

Something that is hopefully learned from the system of analysis is a means of concentration. or to stick to the point. rather than wander from place to point after point never resolving any one thing. One explores the implications derived from a question and eliminates or subtracts what is erroneous. Of all the many unorgainized information one discards much of it and is left singular problems and solutions as catagories of which to explore by experience.
Maybe hit the idea of catagorization of ideas to make them easily manageable.

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