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Question One:

What is a question?

The method consists in as many associations or answers as come to mind which is termed Free Association. Many of these associations may seem at random and may or may not seemingly apply to the question. The train of thought leads to many places. One should follow it along and see where it goes. Ones does not necessarily try to stick to the subject, in the short run, but continually comes back to the original question it as deemed necessary.


Free Association is to let the memory freely associate anything that comes to mind which pertains to a subject, which in this case is a question. One is trying to draw out from the memory as many associations as possible. These associations are anything that automatically come to mind. The object to begin, is not to write a definition, but to elicit from the memory whatever associations pop into the mind. One writes down these associations quickly as single words or short phrases. Every question and statement is valid, no matter what or how crazy and ridiculous it may seem. One just lets the memory go where it will. It may take practice.

A blank is what?

The purpose of Free Association is to explore the question and not necessarily to force, as a conscious effort, an answer. An objective is to write definitions, but the true object is learn as much as possible. Some questions can never be answered, and some take years, in which experience is necessary to produce a true knowledge of the problem. The purpose of writing as opposed to just thinking, is that trying to remember things discovered at the same time as one is trying to associate freely, and recall thoughts and feelings, hampers the free associative process. It is like stepping on the gas and putting on the brakes at the same time. By writing short, one to a few word questions and statements, one can continually move on, recalling what ever pops up. Also one has a record if need be.

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