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A question is something without some kind of description.
This process may seem and can be tedious. As with any construction project, it is a lot of work which cannot be, not done if the project is to be finished. One has to be persistent and go at it every day. The more time per day the faster it goes. If at any time one begins to feel exhausted with the thing, one should quit for the time and come back to it later. However it cannot be overly stressed that overwork can lead to mental strain, which even over a lifetime can never be corrected. This can be especially dangerous for compulsive personalities. The compulsion to need the answers to questions in some time frame, is dangerous and destructive of the health. The mind if overused, because of emotional compulsion, can loose its sharpness and function. One should be careful of mental strain and limit accordingly. In reality if one is more interested in knowledge than say money, one has a whole life time; it gives one something to do, and why be in a hurry.

This method of analysis by the use of association is concentration and relaxation. One concentrates on writing questions and statements. One relaxes by Free Association and day dreaming. The time frame here is generally from one to five minutes on either side. If either side is over-emphasized nothing gets done. The mind most of the time, can only go so far with a problem at any particular time. Often sleeping on it produces new results next day. Upon returning to it on the following day, the unconscious may work on the problem especially through dreams, and new insight may be forth coming.

Part of the premise of this method is to introduce a problem to the mind or make it conscious of one. The unconscious mind, if it has the information can work out problems on its own, and it may use dreams to do this. In other cases when the mind does not have the necessary information, the problem must be suspended until information can be gathered. This can take a short or very long time. It may be helpful to work on a set or series of problems at the same time, moving from one to the other as the need arises. Often problems within a set may interconnect, and parallels are discovered which would otherwise not arise.

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