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Analysis may require an uninterrupted train of thought that allows the individual to freely associate into the sub-conscious and follow trains of association. This is best done without interruption or demands upon the individual, as schedules which continuously impose themselves. An uninterrupted train of thought allows one to freely associate into the memory and sub-conscious, and follow trains of association without interruption or demands upon the individual. Things such as phones, schedules and appointments which continuously hang over and impose themselves, are distractions which interfere with the associative process. Distractions may represent excuses for refusal to face the Meditative Ambiance which is an unconscious for reasons of various fears and opposing agendas. The best pursuit of any activity is full time, but if one devotes a part of each day, a block of time which is completely free of all distractions is best.


The Emotional Method uses the same techniques as the Analytical Method. The purpose of this technique is to probe the unconscious and discover the Conditioning, which as Associative Landscape to a great extent, determines and affects the way the outer world is perceived as the individual's perception of reality. A bad experience with a dog may affect the way one perceives all dogs, which could determine a negative relationship with dogs for a lifetime. Conditioning is what is learned from the first moments of life as the interaction with the environment, or anything from the experience of one's parents, to learning to walk or the experiences of school. Conditioning is distinguished from the inherent propensities of genetic, biological, chemical and other hereditary differences as termed the Proto-Identity. Most conditioning is forgotten, becoming unconscious and taking the form of automatic process. This is like one may not remember learning how to walk or ride a bike but has no problem doing it because it has become automatic.

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