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Conditioning and automatic decision making are necessary for the survival of the organism, and the ability to do more than one thing at one time. The instant and automatic reaction to say a baseball thrown at one's head, is absolutely necessary, must be precise, and the reaction is necessary every time. Automatic reaction which may be unconscious is the inability of self-control. The primary function of Analysis is discover what thinking, reactions and actions are automatic and why. It is also to discover what past experience may affect the way the individual perceives any given present circumstance, by the affects of conditioning. Automatic response and decisions, affect control in the present moment. This is a negative attribute when applied to things like if the individual is unhappy with the way one conducts a conversation, the way one may act around certain kinds of people, or the feeling one may have in certain situations, which interfere with a proper experience. By becoming conscious of the motives for one's thinking and behavior, the individual then may produce the opportunity of choice, as to whether one should continue to believe and act the way one has in the past or to change. The purpose of the Emotional Method is Self-Determination in which the individual self-decides every aspect of one's values, convictions, reasons purposes and methods of living.

The purpose of the Emotional Method is to discover what is automatic, why one acts and behaves as one does, and the reasons for one's decision making. The Internal Method uses the Analytical process for primarily the examination of habits of thinking and values. The process is continued into the External Method, which includes the observation of the self in real circumstance, so as to determine what one does in the reality of experience that is automatic and unconscious. By the Internal Method an attempt is made to discover the origins of automatic thinking and habits, and trace them back to the reason or purpose of origination. This identifying process makes one conscious of patterns of mind and body, and helps to determine from whence automatic reactions have originated, and their purpose and validity. One can then decide whether identified responses, patterns of thinking and behavior should remain, or one should make a conscious effort to overcome and eliminate them.

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