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Analysis attempts to make what is unconscious conscious, wherein the individual can ascertain the validity of controls created in the past, and now forgotten. Reassessment of unconscious conditioning means the individual can produce the possibility of eliminating old controls and creating new ones, and thus can become more conscious of present circumstance and more responsible. One may examine one's conditioning in reference to what is termed the Resident Identity.

The process elicits feelings and emotions associated to definitions, words, terms, ideas, values, and experience. Most thoughts, opinions and values are tied to emotions and feelings, having originated in the reality of real experience where sensory experience is strong. One remembers events in which information was learned and decisions were made, and elicits the feelings and emotions that may be involved. The process consists in the analysis of the sensory and emotional content of past experience in which decisions and automatic processes were originated.

An important tool is Event Analysis in which one revisits the event in the memory, and examines it in terms of the feelings, emotions and the physical dynamics of the circumstance. This produces personal involvement in the problem in which the individual can examine the origins of beliefs, ideas, rules, behavior, habits, fears, tastes and propensities. Many times there is a conflict between the intellect and the feelings and emotions. One may be taught that hunting is right and proper and is the province of the original human instinctive being, which is pretty much agreed upon by most people the individual knows. But this argument may conflict with the way the individual feels about it.


Example One:

What do I think about hunting?

After asking a particular question and eliciting associations concerning it, one should be led to memories of particular events relevant to the problem. One may be convinced by others to think that hunting is ok.

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