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Personalize the question by Event Analysis, associating real events that have happened to one in the past, and reliving that experience such that one elicits the emotions that were inherent in the circumstance. The exploration of real situations in the past may have influenced the way one is in the present. Conclusions may have been drawn which support a larger perspective of the way one perceives oneself and reality in general. Certain prejudices may still exist in which specific past circumstance was supporting evidence. One can analyze past events from a more objective perspective.

The purpose of analysis is to discover the manifestations of the way one is, which may be unconscious, wherein the motives and origins are bound up in past experience. The process of uncovering allows for the possibility to discover and change thinking and action, which has become automatic. However the objective must be the admission of truth to the best of one's ability. The process of Event Analysis allows for the individual to revisit past experience as an independent investigator, the purpose of which is to not act as an advocate to promote, defend and justify the self, in past modes of thinking and action, in which no possibility of change will be forth-coming. But rather the purposes should be an attempt at truthful assessment and objective review of past circumstances and events.


Example Three:

What is anger?

Sometimes the associations that come to mind can be provocative. Connections may appear that one would never expect. From one question there may become many avenues to explore. Many of these unexpected associations are based on feelings and unconscious states, such as forgotten and suppressed experience, wherein in past states these feelings and emotions were a present and real reality and experience. There exists within the mental/emotional relationship at any given time a status quo, in which the individual has dealt with conflicts in various ways, quite often by avoidance, refusing to think about them and suppression or memory lapse. Things may come out which are unpleasant, scary, difficult to contemplate and face, things that one may have buried and suppressed for good reason.

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