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Interpretation means the volitional selection of specific Association from the myriad of memories, that identifies, defines, gives context and derives implications, to either present reality or thinking. The reason one chooses specific associations over others, such as vanilla rather than chocolate is called Interpretation. What is considered of Consequence is said to be the primary factor concerning the administration of Interpretation.


Interpretation means the selection and assignment of specific Associations from the memory as related to any given present instance of reality or thinking, which gives any present sensation or thought recognition, identification, definition, context, history or ramifications, as compared to all the Associations one could make. With the observation of a man in a cape different people would make different interpretations by the Associations they will select, such as costume party wear, exhibitionist, egotist, eccentric or crazy. This is associative Interpretation.

Automatic Association:

Association is called an automatic function of the memory, which continuously associates one sensory impression in the memory to any number of others, like lake, sky, clouds, of a feather, over blue mountains and sea. This is an automatic process, because otherwise the volitional associative selector would constantly be involved in concentrated selection such as trying to remember what was it that associates with sky ? Selections are made automatically which is necessary for instantaneous response to potentially life-threatening situations. One sees snake and jumps where snake is associated with danger. In the case of any given present danger, the recognition, identification and associational context must be automatic and immediate to avoid negative consequence.

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