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Interpretive Personifications

Ipseities are Identities as Interpretive Personifications created to accomplish goals and objectives which are other-dimensional in orientation. One may live a saintly life in a monastery in order to accomplish the objective of heaven. As one must learn baking like recipes and oven operation to assume the Identity of a baker, the Ipseity is to imitate and emulate non-physical characterization as Interpretive Personification of other-dimensional being representative of after or other-life non-physicality.

Ipseities are generally not representative of material manifestations but of non-physical spiritual and religious entities such as mythological characterization or dead religious figures. Ipseities are of three types or Spiritual as found in Polytheism, Religious as evident in Monotheism and Ethereals of Metaphoria.


Spiritual Ipseities are Polytheistic in nature correspondent to pre-Excess & Profit Indigenous peoples. Polytheism corresponds to the MetaProperty All, meaning more or less that all things have Spiritual representation, or that spirits are many and manifold. One might choose one or more animistic entities to emulate, respect and revere altering one's behaviour accordingly, and thus creating a characterization transcendent of material being, such as wind or sea Gods and Goddesses or forest sprites. Animistic spiritual manifestations are believed to be inherent in the natural world, as spirit and matter inter-dimensional, and the Interpretation of animistic phenomenon is of actual experience called Internal Authority, which means that the authorization for one's thought, word and deed is self-decided by the individual based upon real and actual experience.

Spiritual Ipseities are said to correspond to the function of the Ego, which is a thinking self and first personality, the primary operation of which is to protect and act in the interest of the body.

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