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Karma is a concept that means in essence that results derive from intention and action. So for instance if one eats fattening foods one may get fat, or if one eats unhealthy foods one may become unhealthy. If one does bad things to others, bad things may happen to one. If one's attitude is that of aloofness from others one may be lonely. If one is shallow in personality, then one may only know shallow people. If one is kind to others then others may be kind to one. This form of the concept of Karma is fairly obvious. However when the concept is extrapolated into universal assumptions such as 'all villains will be punished' by the dictates of Karma, this may be wishful thinking in so far as any real solid evidence would indicate. There often does not seem to be any justice for villains especially the rich and powerful, though the wish for justice may be deservedly justified. One can say of evil people that they live miserable lives, however if they feel that they are living wonderful lives in the lap of luxury, and do not realize what pathetic morally and ethically bankrupt states of Consciousness they are in, then this cannot be considered as either justice or Karma. Thus a true concept of karmic justice would involve a change in Consciousness. If the individual were to realize forms of consciousness, such that by comparison the old ways of thinking and feeling seemed odious, then this might provoke regret and possibly reform. If the individual is prone to hatred and revenge, and the savage treatment of others that are perceived as enemies, but comes to realize the consciousness of love, and the wonders of constant, great and beatific feelings, then the individual may regret one's past attitude and crimes. If one realizes some new consciousness only for a short time, but cannot achieve it as a permanent state but wishes to do so, then one's old consciousness can become karmic justice.

There is also no real evidence to show the existence of the concept of reincarnation in which the concept of Karma is most often associated. Karma in terms of reincarnation or what is termed here as 'Reincarnate Karma', means that one's actions in present life will affect the future in terms of what incarnation the individual will be born in future lives. It is said that very bad people will be reborn to lower life forms such as worms, insects or reptiles. Or they will be reborn as humans, but to very discouraging circumstances such as poverty, disease or life-time affections such as retardation or various handicaps.

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