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I was maybe nineteen and my intellectual awareness was somewhat limited perhaps to television, custom cars or drinking beer. Well not quite that bad. I did like a good story, and there were some decent ones on television in the '50s, before it sold its soul to advertising. Sometimes there were interesting stories on things like Dick Powell, in what may have been The Zane Grey Theater, the Richard Boone Repertory Theatre, the Loretta Young Show, or of course the famous Twilight Zone and Route 66 had stories with some fairly interesting philosophy.

Me and some friends one evening had our cars parked 'up town', in front of Nix's grocery store which closed at seven. But there was a coke machine out front and it was something of a hang out. The town consisted of a block long main street. On the south side and opposite of the store was a big old Victorian train station, a ticket office in the center, indoor waiting rooms on either end, continuing outside with great roofed overhangs supported by large pillars on the four corners. These outdoor roofed over walk through sections contained the mail boxes for everyone in town until they introduced home delivery. In either direction to the ends of the station was parking along the tracks, for people who commuted by train mostly to Chicago. On the north side of the street from west to east, was a linoleum and tile store, a lumber yard store front, an entry street, the grocery store, another entry street, then a sometimes coffee shop, a shoe store, and two taverns. In the evening the street was completely deserted and everything was closed except for the bars.

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