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This is the story of the coming about of my web site and subsequent modifications. My son had started into computers when attending City College. Sonoma got him a computer while we were on Winfield. I remember the 666 in lighted letters on the front. I wouldn't have anything to do with them. Then I got evicted and didn't know what I was going to do. I told my boss and he said he had a house on Potrero Hill that was empty. I turned him down since I had worked there and I knew how freeway noisy it was. But then I thought, this takes care of everything and so called him back the next day; I would take it. He gave me a six room house for three hundred a month; but with the stipulation; that they were going to tear it down or sell it to a developer; so I would have to leave, possibly in six-months. He and his partner would rather have me there than it sitting empty. I was there five years.

The reason it was empty was because they had two guy tenants; who never paid rent and a year was spent getting them out. One of these guys had gone under the house and messed up the electrical circuitry; then called the city claiming it was landlord neglect and the city sanctioned the house, and thus it gave these squatters a no-rent excuse. The tenants from hell. I went in there to fix it up after they were finally out. I started in a side bedroom where a hole in the wall had been caved-in. There was a huge pile of woman's shoes and boots in the middle of the floor.

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