There may not be much, people as individuals can do to change any major aspect of the world, and all its conflicts with nature and human relations, but understanding why things are the way they are, helps the self to transcend beyond, like when on vacation the life left behind and all its trivialities may not seem so important. The theory here attempts to explain the human condition, as a duality or two fundamental contexts of interpretation called Conservative and Progressive. The definitions of these two terms has been reversed, so that most people don't understand what they mean. Rich people and promoters who are ever wanting the progressive increase of more and more money, property, power or influence, mistakenly call themselves conservative, which really means to maintain the same. Ecologists who believe in the preservation of nature in its natural state call themselves progressive which nature is not, like Crocodiles never changing for 200 million years. This material is presented in three parts called Philosophy, Psychology and Cognizance.

What is of Consequence:

Where in the universe we are, of what the planet we live is; who we are and what are we doing? If we knew the answers to these questions, we would better know, what the worth, value and consequence of these things are. Knowing these consequences, like understanding the value of water in the desert, we would better know how to treat ourselves and the external world. The planet Earth is the only one we know like it. All other planets we know are lifeless. By comparison we have planets that are less, but none known which are more, that might indicate what we have is special. However it does not matter, since people seem intent on destroying the planet anyway, all for well-intended purposes of course and personal profit.


If for comparison there are no other planets, what can be compared is change, which produces two or more comparative states.

Change could be defined as states as they exist before change like a snow ball, compared to the same states as different and distinct after change. We have the snow ball and the snow ball melted as changed to water.

Change is described as two kinds: or change the same and change distinct. The Conservative change of nature duplicates itself in identical or near like form, so that trees produce new trees endlessly which are the same. This is change the same. The Progressive change of humankind does not as yet recreate itself; is created using the resources of the natural world which are destroyed, to create products which the natural world would never create. This is change as distinct.

Conservative Change:

Change the same is called Conservative. All natural change is said to be Conservative, wherein transformation or destruction, is defined as promoting the existence of tandem pre-existent states changed in identical or near like form.

The river flows in the summer and floods in the spring, year in and year out, altered only more or less. The most fundamental life form on the planet is vegetation which germinates from seeds, grows, produces more seeds, withers, dies and rots, which is change that leaves and promotes the condition of its existence in a near like form. This can be said of anything natural from stars to crocodiles. The problem with Conservative Change is that it produces nothing external and distinct from itself, from which to define or evaluate by comparison. Nature as change only duplicates what already exists. Elephants are always elephants. This is called Conservative.

Trees only duplicate trees, which does not explain what a tree is. We know it only by affects such as tall, green, shade or smell. However if one knows that trees make oxygen that makes life possible, then the tree produces change as a product distinct and external from itself. The changed state of oxygen explains how nearly all other things live; but still does not explain why all things live.

Finite Determination:

Why do all things live, or why life at all is the eternal mystery? A way to solve the problem is to create change called progress as distinct.

Finite Determination means human created changed states like power plants, explains the reason, purpose, value and consequence, for building them, as creating superior qualities and conditions to the pre-existing states.

Human created change explains itself as producing products of change distinct from nature, specifically as superior to the pre-existing and inferior natural states, and thus there are two distinct states of comparison. Human created change distinct from nature can explain at least human existence, as producing superior conditions to the natural world, which gives these changes explanation, meaning and consequence.


There are said to be two fundamental interpretations of the human condition called paradigms, based on change producing the same called

Conservative Spirituality and change producing distinct and different states called Progressive Materialism

. Conservative Spirituality is said to be exactly the opposite of Progressive Materialism, and is generally the province of indigenous peoples, usually called spirituality, paganism, polytheism, pantheism or nature religion, or human culture before the advent of advanced technology. It also in general represents or describes the properties of socialism, which is the pooling of the collective resources of any group of individuals, for the purpose of producing benefit for the collective as a whole, in the form of Government.

Progressive Materialism

Change producing distinct and different states is called Progressive Materialism. Since we of the modern age are conditioned to the progressive system, and it is what we are familiar with, this will be examined first. Since humans have to work to produce change like farming, in the progressive system meaning as the reason for work, for being, for living is Excess and Profit. If the work of nature only reproduces what already exists, which essentially means what is necessary to stay the same, the meaning of progress is Excess and Profit, which means work should produce more.

Excess and Profit:

Excess and Profit means the results & products of activity & behavior as energy, effort, time or risk, in excess of what is only necessary.

It makes more sense to have more at the end of one's life than in the beginning.

Excess means the production of human products, for storage, trade or comfort and status which is more than is needed to maintain the same quality and conditions.

They stored grain against the possibility of a bad season in future years, or in the hope prices will rise over time.

Profit is defined here to mean the creation and possession of excess production, which is converted by exchange into what is in essence, the increase of volitional abilities, over and above the energy necessary, to maintain a standard of living in a same or similar condition.

Profits were good the last few years so they bought a second home.

The economic system of Progressive Materialism is Capitalism.

Bipolar Materialism:

If human created change explains itself as producing products superior to nature, which gives meaning to human activity and behavior, it must use nature as resource and material, for all alternatives produced.

Materialism is the human perspective, in which the Consequence of any phenomenon, entity or event is defined as material resource, for contribution to results & products as changed states.

The tree is used to build houses and make paper. The right to change and use nature for profit, comes from the evaluation that it is worthless and of no consequence in and of itself.

Because nature must be used as resource, it must have no integrity of existence in and of itself. This is essential to the progressive system, to use the inferior to create the superior.

The dam built on the river changes and alters the natural condition of the river or nature. This produces a duality between nature and human created states, as the natural river and man-made dam. Nature becomes antithetical to humankind, justifying ever continuing more change.

Numerical Evaluation:

Since in order to exploit nature it is necessary to negate it to a value of non-entity and resource, a means is necessary to evaluate human existence and reality in general, as a matter of knowing what can and cannot be exploited, altered and destroyed and how both the natural world and humankind should be treated.

Numerical Evaluation means a scale of value between zero and ten, where zero is a non-entity possessing no value in and of itself, but requires for its value and consequence, to be used to produce human created progression.

Nature and anything natural is the comparative base of zero. Ten represents the comparative base of the results and products of development, advancement, progression and superiority. Value is assessed by comparison, as some degree between the two poles of inferiority and superiority. The rare orchid was assessed value, between the wild, common, ordinary and the most highly bred and individualized.


Since all things natural and undeveloped are deemed to have no worth, and consequence, there is no prohibition upon what can and cannot be transformed or destroyed, either as non-human or human, and thus no natural law and order. A system of prohibitions is necessary called Morality, to control human behavior and define how things should and should not be treated, to prevent complete anarchy and the survival of the strongest.

Morality is the prohibitive vehicle of the Progressive System in terms of human relations, in which using the numerical evaluative system between inferior and superior, the determinations are made as to the treatment of the natural and human created world and people in general.

Thus the rich with higher numerical value in terms of physical assets, are usually treated more favorably by the justice system in any capitalist system. The poor and especially the homeless are granted the least value and respect, since they are reduced to the subsistence found in nature.

Dust to Dust:

In the system of Progressive Materialism, humankind is said to come of natural birth, which is born to inferior natural physical materiality, 'dust to dust', usually called 'Original Sin'. This is considered the sin of women.

People as they are born to the world are considered as natural, primitive, material and worthless, the state of which is assigned the value of zero. Humankind must create its own worth and meaning by overcoming natural inferiority and creating or converting to unnatural superiority.

Human created advancement, progress and civilization is measured as something more than nature, and the ultimate advancement, such as achieving power over nature or the perfection of God, is given a value of ten. In the Progressive System the primary means of protecting physical assets is Private Property.


From the numerical system of evaluation of worth and consequence, derives affection and Emotion, Morality, the class system, and the secular and religious character.

The Emotional makeup of the progressive individual is said to be of a psychological nature, as corresponding to the bipolarity of Numerical Evaluation.

To understand emotion a distinction is made. What is called Natural Affection, is sensory response which reflects the natural and direct affects upon the sensory system, without the attachment, by association from the memory, of one's personal consequential value system. One's back itches. Ice cream tastes good. One falls and hurts oneself with no seeming harm.

Natural Affection:

Emotion is defined as Natural Affection, but with consequence attached by association from the memory. The greater the consequence the more exaggerated the emotion.

One's back itches and he thought it was cancer. The ice cream was good until she learned it was poisoned with Salmonella. One fell and hurt oneself, and then learned later, that they would never walk again. Each of these last three examples would almost always cause great emotional response, in which the same sensation as Natural Affection is exaggerated by association with consequence.

Love and Hate:

Thus the emotional system of Progressive Materialism would be tied to Numerical Evaluation, in which consequence may be determined by the numerical bipolar scale of undeveloped/inferior and developed/superior.

In a monarchy, great national emotional sympathy may occur upon the death of the Queen, but nothing for the slaughter of the indigenous locals by the queen's colonists. Thus Numerical Evaluation determines emotional content, and the more progressive the individual, the less emotional response to natural calamities or primitive peoples; and the more emotional the response to the affairs of the state of advance civilization and advanced people.


Logical evaluation is said to correspond to the strictures of Progressive Materialism.

Logic is statement which includes supporting proof as reasons or reasoning.

The sun rises in the morning, for the reason given that the planet revolves in space on an axis. If it is not known that the Earth revolves, various reasons can be created for the sunrise, such as the sun god Helios driving his fiery chariot from horizon to horizon. Some reasons are more logical than others meaning closer to or exactly the truth.

Foundation Reasoning:

Two forms of reasoning are defined here called Foundation and Authority Reasoning.

Foundation Reasoning means facts, evidence and premises proceed conclusions

The evidence for the age of the earth comes from fossil records. The evidence as fossils proceeds the conclusion and the conclusion is derived from the evidence. The depth of a found fossil in the ground as correlated to the amount of time the depth of ground took to form determines the age of the fossil as a conclusion.

Authority Reasoning:

Authority Reasoning is defined as conclusions that proceeds evidence, and wherein only that evidence which corresponds to authority is accepted. In the system of Progressive Materialism the authority is progression.

Progressive authority is anything from The Big Bang, Black Holes, Dark Matter, Evolution of the Species, God, Jesus, Buddha or any political or expert authority, wherein the authority by its superiority rules the day, as the bible or science may be the authority for whatever is true. Evidence which does not conform to authority is ignored, denied or demonized. The most brilliant of astronomy students could not pass an astronomy course denying the Big Bang. The authority of Progress justifies everything that culture is today.


Class systems are inherent to the evaluative construct of Progressive Materialism.

In the Progressive System people are treated according to degrees of correspondence to the poles of the scale of Numerical Evaluation based on development.

The lower classes are the less developed, progressed, prosperous, educated and refined, wherein the upper classes are more.

Class Evaluation:

Since the lower classes are toward the bottom end of the scale, the evaluative base is from what they know or the bottom end as zero. Evaluation tends to be by addition as more, like we may be low, but we are better than that. Personal evaluative assignment is a sliding scale, dependent upon one's knowledge of the upper middle or ruling classes as subtractive base. If both these classes were invisible, one would subtract from the middle and thus be higher up on the scale. Racism is inherent in progressive systems with Numerical Evaluation, based more on class than skin color. The same is true of the upper classes, as more developed tend to use an evaluative base as the top or ten, and the evaluation tends to be by subtraction. However the knowledge of the additive base as the bottom, is also relative to the knowledge of the individual, and thus it a sliding scale as well. Millionaires often describe themselves as poor because they compare themselves to billionaires by subtraction.


There are two basic kinds of Progressive Materialism called secular and religious.

Where the meaning and worth of individual human existence is derived by the accumulation of material Excess and Profit, it is called secular and confined to the physical alteration of the natural world.

Secular persons may define their consequence by the accumulation of material property and wealth. The more wealth the more one can purchase perfection. Secularism is based on addition. Worth is evaluated from the bottom, as lowly nature compared to material wealth and sophistication.


When the meaning and worth of the individual is measured against the non-physical superiority and perfection of God it is called Religion. Religion is called materialist because the state of earthly existence is considered as a material non-entity, and because it is said to have no integrity in and of itself. Rather it is to be used as material resource for the perfection of the self in the future afterlife.

The grace of God is intended to imbue the individual with the possibility of perfection with conditional proper behavior. Religious persons are evaluated by their correspondence with non-physical qualities, as between the materiality of nature and the perfection of God. Because women are more grounded in nature, with requirements of giving birth and raising children, there is ever prejudice against woman, for the perceived inability to achieve the necessary unnatural perfection. Religion is based on subtraction, wherein the individual is always some degrees less than the ultimate perfection of God.

External Authority:

Progressive Materialism can be defined by what is called External Authority. This means the authority for the thinking, speaking, actions or activity and behavior of the individual is external to the self.

This is called exemplar, model, paradigm, paragon, pattern or prototype to which one is suppose to correspond, like acting like a rock star. The individual is always something less than supreme authority as specialists, like highly trained scientists, philosophers, physicists, doctors and surgeons, teachers, financial specialists. The individual must rely on their expertise, since the individual is incapable, except with highly specialized training. Numerical evaluation is subtractive, wherein the individual evaluates themselves by subtraction as something less, and is always dependent upon higher External Authority for permissions. The individual is a Part to serve a larger function of which is the Whole, external to themselves called External Authority. The Part does not see the big picture as the Whole, where the individual is looking from the inside out.

The Conservative Spirituality:


We are indoctrinated all our lives that the universe is progressive, meaning a progressive creation since the Big Bang. By the theory of Evolution we are lead to believe that nature is progressive by the evolution of species, from the primitive to the advanced. Nature is said to destroy the primitive over time and create advanced evolution. In the Conservative Spiritual system, nature itself is considered as the ultimate perfection, and no alteration to its essential character can improve it. The best example against the concept of progressive evolution is if the orbit of the planet were altered even slightly, as especially an improved orbit, most every living thing on the planet would most likely die.


The system of Conservative Spirituality is the interpretation of the natural world as change continuing the same. It could be said that what is already perfect would only maintain what it already is, if it was to maintain its perfection. If physical existence in order to be possible at all, had to be what it is, as a planet spinning around a sun in space, then it could be said it has to be what it is and what it is is perfect. Conservative Spirituality considers the entire planet Earth as an ecosystem, which is considered as a complete and finished Whole in and of itself. Change is said to be Conservative, meaning all natural change as transformation or destruction, is defined as promoting the existence of tandem pre-existent states changed in identical or near like form, so as to preserve the already existent integrity of the Whole. After the forest fire the fire immediately begins to regenerate. Other than human created change and weather driven epochs, the earth maintains its essential character for millions upon millions of years.

Necessity and Subsistence:

Natural transformation and destruction as tornadoes, earthquakes or hurricanes leave nature changed but the same, unlike a nuclear accident that might poison the land for thousands of years. The economic law of nature absent the human characteristic of Excess and Profit, is that all the millions of the various living species are limited to Necessity and Subsistence, which is the given condition of nature.

Necessity and Subsistence means the results & products of activity & behavior are equivalent to the energy expended, as necessary to the preservation and maintenance of any given pre-existent or present state and standard of living or life style, in identical or near like form.

If the planetary environment were considered a spiritual realm, there is no blame in fulfilling one's requirements for what a modest living standard would require, even though it impacts the environment.

Necessity and Subsistence means the integrity of the whole of living existence is maintained by the balance of predation, regeneration and renewal.

The condition of Necessity and Subsistence as the economic system of the natural world is said to be Socialist, wherein an economic equilibrium is maintained, for the purpose of producing benefit for the whole. The consequence of pre-existent states or entities is considered as greater than the human ability to create alternatives to them.

Equivalent Evaluation:

Equivalent Evaluation means the consequence of any given single entity is considered to be equivalent to the whole of existence, and wherein the whole is dependent upon each of its parts. The value of the whole and the part are said to be equivalent.

Equivalent Evaluation would mean that the value and consequence of any given changed state is exactly or nearly equivalent to the pre-existent states changed. The reason, purpose, meaning and context of pre-existent states, as any given natural condition of nature is explained by what they manifest themselves to be and already are.

Unified Aggregate:

This concept of the single whole is termed the

Unified Aggregate, which means the totality of parts, comprising any specific phenomenon, entity or event, consisting of any number of elements, that function in a unified manner, to promote the existence of the aggregate as a stable state, in any given form, lasting any period of time

. The living existence could not exist if the parts such as air, water, fire and earth did not in conjunction form a complete terrestial environment.

Unified Consequence:

Because the products of change are the reproduction of what already exists, and what already exists supports the existence of everything else, all value and consequence is said to be equivalent to the value of the Whole of earthly existence. This establishes the equivalence of the human individual to the entire Whole.

If equating Unified Consequence to a community of individuals, the single person could be said to be of equivalent consequence to whatever the value of the Whole or community was assessed to be. The baker bakes the bread and the banker eats it, for which the banker gives the baker money. Each provides the other with something they need, and which for convenience sake, neither could do without. Thus in social terms, they each would be considered as equal to the contribution of the character of the community as a whole.

If the planet Earth is considered as a Whole, the individual could consider themselves as equivalent to the value of the planet, or even the universe for an expansive mind. Personal consequence is whatever the person can comprehend.


The term ethics is used here to represent the codes of human conduct, when the natural world is interpreted to possess inherent consequence.

Ethics is defined as any given pre-existent state which is considered of greater consequence and value than alternatives to it, even and especially when a detriment to the would-be beneficiary of the change. An ethical standard would dictate that one would not take unfair advantage of another, even and especially if a detriment to oneself.

It would be easier for Peter to blame Paul, especially when Peter knows they are going to be blamed if they do not, but it would not be ethical. Ethics emphasizes Prohibitions as opposed to Volition. A robber would possess more volitional capability than one who was not. Perhaps the more ethical, the more the prohibitions and the less the volitional abilities. If nature is considered spiritual, the ethical premise would be to preserve the environment, even at the expense of one's progressively developed comfort.

Human Conduct:

The consideration of human conduct is at its root, the necessity to use elements of the natural world for human survival, wherein everything needed is something already existing. If any or all elements of the pre-existent natural world are considered sacred, then the individual is limited to what is essential.

If what is pre-existent, has no inherent value in and of itself, then it may be used, not only for necessity, but for every possibility of Excess and Profit that can be created. The ethics of Conservative Spirituality strictly speaking, would mean that human economics would be limited and correspond to nature as Equivalent Evaluation as Necessity and Subsistence.

Equipollent Emotional Dynamic:

The emotional system of Conservative Spirituality is called equipollent, defined as sensory response correspondent or equal to sensory impetus called Natural Affection.

Sugar tastes sweet. The sensory response reflects the natural and direct affects upon the sensory system, without the attachment, by association from the memory, of consequential values based on duality, conflict, conditional values or antagonistic opposites, ultimately expressed as love and hate. The emotional system of Conservative Spirituality may be difficult for the Progressive Materialist to understand, since it is not based on numerical or bipolar values indicative of idolization and contempt, as a conceptual scale inculcated from outside the self.


The foundation of the Equipollent system is Love or the love of all of things equally and without distinction.

Everything is considered as of equal value and thus sensory response is fairly equivalent. The greater the consequence one gives the whole, the greater would be the rapture.

The emotional system as a consequential construct would tend to be produced from an internal source, as self-created from the particular cultural, personal experience, temperament or preference.

The individual as falling in love with the right or wrong person, produces emotional consequence and is personal choice, combined with the various internal sensory and biological mechanisms that affect attraction. An example in contrast would be the man who would choose a trophy-wife for purposes external to the relationship. Negative emotions would be reserved for individual transgressions and not transfered by typecast.

Symbolic Logic:

The logic of Conservative Spirituality is Foundation Reasoning, meaning that evidence proceeds conclusions. Lightning hits tree and tree splits open. The conclusion is lightning caused the split. But what caused the lightning? The science of the causes of lightning may be unknown or may be unimportant, since the science of it reduces the phenomenon to mechanics, impersonal, meaningless, nihilism.

The basis of Symbolic Logic is that the natural world is intelligent, and that this intelligence is communicative. The would-be communication is non-verbal and thus if existent may be symbolic.

The particular lighting strike may or may not be a form of communication. Whether any particular instance in reality is communication or not doesn't matter.

The import is that the environment is considered alive and intelligent and not dead and dumb. Symbolic logic is the interpretation of any given event in reality as symbolic spiritual communication.

Olamic Value:

Any and every entity is considered absent definitive definition, like lightning defined as "An abrupt, discontinuous natural electric discharge in the atmosphere".

Rather any and every entity may be defined by Olamic Value, meaning it can assume any definition as symbolic of any definition the individual might give it, such as the shape of rocks and surface patterns may indicate a holy place. Natural change can be defined as spiritual communication in any given circumstance called Semiotic Language.

The eagle flying east is interpreted to mean a new beginning, since each new day begins with the sun rising in the east. Individual interpretation of symbolic Olamic Value gives persons the power to create their own reality and be responsible for it. Correlations between word or thought immediately proceeding happenstance interpreted as Semiotic Language is often Synchronicity.


The evaluative system of Conservative Spirituality based on Equivalent Evaluation, means that all things human and non-human are considered as equal. All and everything is considered equal as created or born to being, as the necessary compliment of a complete whole, and without any known consent of the individual entity. Human differences are recognized as varying capacities as given with birth, in conjunction with the age of the individual and the history of experience. Each encounter with living entities is individual, assuming certain degrees of individuality. Difference are said to be structural. No blame if the individual does the best they can under the circumstance.


A Spiritual State as a place could be defined as an already existent, complete, and perfect habitude called the natural world. This interpretation represents an acceptance of the integrity, and inherent consequence, of the constitution and dynamics of the nature.

Perfection to remain perfect would require maintaining existing conditions in exact or near like form and would require an accordant attitude and consciousness, which would be prohibitive rather than volitional, in so far as treatment of the external environment. The whole of the natural world is defined as a spiritual realm, perceptible to the senses, wherein the the physical bodies of living entities, and the natural world as a whole, are interpreted as the micro and macro body of Spirit. The whole is understood and appreciated by the experience of any given present circumstance of the physical reality in terms of spiritual context.

Spirituality would generally be defined as other-dimensional spirit that inhabits the physical world, imbuing it with Consequence in and of itself, said to be of consciousness and intelligence. The individual may believe they live within a living unified organism, that may communicate with them, and in which they can communicate in return.


Proto-religion is a term used to describe all the many Conservative Spiritual interpretations, wherein the commonality is that the Internal Authority of the natural world is believed to be a spiritual realm.

The essence of Proto-religion is symbolism, wherein all or specific aspects of of any given conditions of reality, may be interpreted as symbolic of intelligent communication with spiritual sources, thought capable of the manipulation of circumstances and situations of one's experience. The sight of five crows meant nothing, but if seven crows are seen one usually would correlate it with a coming significance.

One interacts with one's reality as if it were intelligent, communicative and talks to one. One creates contexts for the interpretation of random events where specific happenstance is interpreted as supernatural causation.

One builds a library of such instances over time, such that specific meaning is ascribed to specific events like the rainmaker through experience used a proscribed set of procedures to induce rain. When one uses cultural symbolic language, as established by the community at large over time as tradition, it is called External Authority, as not created internal to one's own experience and self-interpretive contexts. One avoids walking under a ladder, crossing the path of a black cat or stepping on a crack.

Internal Authority:

In the Conservative System, the authority for thinking, speaking, action or activity and behavior of the individual is said to be internal to the self called Internal Authority.

The human mind as intelligence consists in an information repository, as the memory which is a copy of the external world and thus is a replica of whatever aspect of the external world that is perceived. The theory is expressed that since the memory is copy of the external world, and changes in the external world change the internal memory, thus to the extent that spiritual sources influence changes in the external environment, is to the extent that one's interior memory is changed. It is further speculated that the individual is capable of interaction with spiritual source, such that the two may work in tandem to influence the the external and thus internal worlds.