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If for comparison there are no other planets, what can be compared is change, which produces two or more comparative states.

Change could be defined as states as they exist before change like a snow ball, compared to the same states as different and distinct after change. We have the snow ball and the snow ball melted as changed to water.

Change is described as two kinds: or change the same and change distinct. The Conservative change of nature duplicates itself in identical or near like form, so that trees produce new trees endlessly which are the same. This is change the same. The Progressive change of humankind does not as yet recreate itself; is created using the resources of the natural world which are destroyed, to create products which the natural world would never create. This is change as distinct.

Conservative Change:

Change the same is called Conservative. All natural change is said to be Conservative, wherein transformation or destruction, is defined as promoting the existence of tandem pre-existent states changed in identical or near like form.

The river flows in the summer and floods in the spring, year in and year out, altered only as more or less. The most fundamental life form on the planet is vegetation which germinates from seeds, grows, produces more seeds, withers, dies and rots, which is change that leaves and promotes the condition of its existence in a near like form. This can be said of anything natural from stars to crocodiles. The problem with Conservative Change is that it produces nothing external and distinct from itself, from which to define or evaluate by comparison. Nature as change only duplicates what already exists. Elephants are always elephants. This is called Conservative.

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