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Trees only duplicate trees, which does not explain what a tree is. We know it only by affects such as tall, green, shade or smell. However if one knows that trees make oxygen that makes life possible, then the tree produces change as a product distinct and external from itself. The changed state of oxygen explains how nearly all other things live; but still does not explain why all things live.

Finite Determination:

Why do all things live, or why life at all is the eternal mystery? A way to solve the problem is to create change called progress as distinct.

Finite Determination means human created changed states like power stations, explains the reason, purpose, value and consequence for building them, as creating superior qualities and conditions to the pre-existing states.

Human created change explains itself as producing products of change distinct from nature, specifically as superior to the pre-existing and inferior natural states, and thus there are two distinct states of comparison. Human created change distinct from nature can explain at least human existence, as producing superior conditions to the natural world, which gives these changes explanation, meaning and consequence.


There are said to be two fundamental interpretations of the human condition called paradigms, based on change producing the same called

Conservative Spirituality and change producing distinct and different states called Progressive Materialism

. Conservative Spirituality is said to be exactly the opposite of Progressive Materialism, and is generally the province of indigenous peoples, usually called spirituality, paganism, polytheism, pantheism, nature religion or human culture before the advent of advanced technology. It also in general represents or describes the properties of socialism, which is the pooling of the collective resources of any group of individuals, for the purpose of producing benefit for the collective as a whole, in the form of Government.

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