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Progressive Materialism

Change producing distinct and different states is called Progressive Materialism. Since we of the modern age are conditioned to the progressive system, and it is what we are familiar with, this will be examined first. Since humans have to work to produce change like farming, in the progressive system meaning, as the reason for work, for being and for living is Excess and Profit. If the work of nature only reproduces what already exists, which essentially means what is necessary to stay the same, the meaning of progress is Excess and Profit, which means work should produce more.

Excess and Profit:

Excess and Profit means the results & products of activity & behavior as energy, effort, time or risk, in excess of what is only necessary.

It makes more sense to have more at the end of one's life than in the beginning.

Excess means the production of human products, for storage, trade or comfort and status, which is more than is needed to maintain the same quality and conditions.

They stored grain against the possibility of a bad season in future years, or in the hope prices will rise over time.

Profit is defined here to mean the creation and possession of excess production, which is converted by exchange into what is in essence, the increase of volitional abilities, over and above the energy necessary, to maintain a standard of living in a same or similar condition.

Profits were good the last few years so they bought a second home.

The economic system of Progressive Materialism is Capitalism.

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