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Bipolar Materialism:

If human created change explains itself as producing products superior to nature, which gives meaning to human activity and behavior, it must use nature as resource and material for all alternatives produced.

Materialism is the human perspective, in which the Consequence of any phenomenon, entity or event is defined as material resource, for contribution to results & products as changed states.

The tree is used to build houses and make paper. The right to change and use nature for profit comes from the evaluation that it is worthless and of no consequence in and of itself.

Because nature must be used as resource, it must have no integrity of existence in and of itself. This is essential to the progressive system, to use the inferior to create the superior.

The dam built on the river changes and alters the natural condition of the river or nature. This produces a duality between nature and human created states, as the natural river and man-made dam. Nature becomes antithetical to humankind, justifying ever continuing more change.

Numerical Evaluation:

Since in order to exploit nature it is necessary to negate it to a value of non-entity and resource, a means is necessary to evaluate human existence and reality in general, as a matter of knowing what can and cannot be exploited, altered and destroyed and how both the natural world and humankind should be treated.

Numerical Evaluation means a scale of value between zero and ten, where zero is a non-entity possessing no value in and of itself, but requires for its value and consequence, to be used to produce human created progression.

Nature and anything natural is the comparative base of zero. Ten represents the comparative base of the results and products of development, advancement, progression and superiority.

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