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Value is assessed by comparison, as some degree between the two poles of inferiority and superiority. The rare orchid was assessed value, between the wild, common, ordinary and the most highly bred and individualized.


Since all things natural and undeveloped are deemed to have no worth, and consequence, there is no prohibition upon what can and cannot be transformed or destroyed, either as non-human or human, and thus no natural law and order. A system of prohibitions is necessary called Morality, to control human behavior and define how things should and should not be treated, to prevent complete anarchy and the survival of the strongest.

Morality is the prohibitive vehicle of the Progressive System in terms of human relations, in which using the numerical evaluative system between inferior and superior, the determinations are made as to the treatment of the natural and human created world and people in general.

Thus the rich with higher numerical value in terms of physical assets, are usually treated more favorably by the justice system in any capitalist system. The poor and especially the homeless are granted the least value and respect, since they are reduced to the subsistence found in nature.

Dust to Dust:

In the system of Progressive Materialism, humankind is said to come of natural birth, which is born to inferior natural physical materiality, 'dust to dust', usually called 'Original Sin'. This is considered the sin of women.

People as they are born to the world are considered as natural, primitive, material and worthless, the state of which is assigned the value of zero. Humankind must create its own worth and meaning by overcoming natural inferiority and creating or converting to unnatural superiority.

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