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Human created advancement, progress and civilization is measured as something more than nature, and the ultimate advancement, such as achieving power over nature or the perfection of God, is given a value of ten. In the Progressive System the primary means of protecting physical assets is Private Property.


From the numerical system of evaluation of worth and consequence, derives affection and Emotion, Morality, the class system, and the secular and religious character.

The Emotional makeup of the progressive individual is said to be of a psychological nature, as corresponding to the bipolarity of Numerical Evaluation.

To understand emotion a distinction is made. What is called Natural Affection, is sensory response which reflects the natural and direct affects upon the sensory system, without the attachment by association from the memory, of one's personal consequential value system. One's back itches. Ice cream tastes good. One falls and hurts oneself with no seeming harm.

Natural Affection:

Emotion is defined as Natural Affection, but with consequence attached by association from the memory. The greater the consequence the more exaggerated the emotion.

One's back itches and he thought it was cancer. The ice cream was good until she learned it was poisoned with Salmonella. One fell and hurt oneself, and then learned later, that they would never walk again. Each of these last three examples would almost always cause great emotional response, in which the same sensation as Natural Affection is exaggerated by association with consequence.

Love and Hate:

Thus the emotional system of Progressive Materialism would be tied to Numerical Evaluation, in which consequence may be determined by the numerical bipolar scale of undeveloped/inferior and developed/superior.

In a monarchy, great national emotional sympathy may occur upon the death of the Queen, but nothing for the slaughter of indigenous locals by the queen's colonists.

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