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Thus Numerical Evaluation determines emotional content, and the more progressive the individual, the less emotional response to natural calamities or primitive peoples; and the more emotional the response to the affairs of the state of advance civilization and advanced people.


Logical evaluation is said to correspond to the strictures of Progressive Materialism.

Logic is statement which includes supporting proof as reasons or reasoning.

The sun rises in the morning, for the reason given that the planet revolves in space on an axis. If it is not known that the Earth revolves, various reasons can be created for the sunrise, such as the sun god Helios driving his fiery chariot from horizon to horizon. Some reasons are more logical than others meaning closer to or exactly the truth.

Foundation Reasoning:

Two forms of reasoning are defined here called Foundation and Authority Reasoning.

Foundation Reasoning means facts, evidence and premises proceed conclusions

The evidence for the age of the earth comes from fossil records. The evidence as fossils proceeds the conclusion and the conclusion is derived from the evidence. The depth of a found fossil in the ground as correlated to the amount of time the depth of ground took to form determines the age of the fossil as a conclusion.

Authority Reasoning:

Authority Reasoning is defined as conclusions that proceeds evidence, and wherein only that evidence which corresponds to authority is accepted. In the system of Progressive Materialism the authority is progression.

Progressive authority is anything from The Big Bang, Black Holes, Dark Matter, Evolution of the Species, God, Jesus, Buddha or any political or expert authority, wherein the authority by its superiority rules the day, as the bible or science may be the authority for whatever is true.

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