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Evidence which does not conform to authority is ignored, denied or demonized. The most brilliant of astronomy students could not pass an astronomy course by denying the Big Bang. The authority of Progress justifies everything that culture is today.


Class systems are inherent to the evaluative construct of Progressive Materialism.

In the Progressive System people are treated according to degrees of correspondence to the poles of the scale of Numerical Evaluation based on development.

The lower classes are the less developed, progressed, prosperous, educated and refined, wherein the upper classes are more.

Class Evaluation:

Since the lower classes are toward the bottom end of the scale, the evaluative base is from what they know or the bottom end as zero. Evaluation tends to be by addition as more, like we may be low, but we are better than that. Personal evaluative assignment is a sliding scale called the Inner Hierarchy, dependent upon one's knowledge of the upper middle or ruling classes as subtractive base. If both these classes were invisible, one would subtract from the middle and thus be higher up on the scale. Racism is inherent in progressive systems with Numerical Evaluation, based more on class than skin color. The same is true of the upper classes, as more developed tend to use an evaluative base as the top or ten, and the evaluation tends to be by subtraction. However the knowledge of the additive base as the bottom, is also relative to the knowledge of the individual, and thus it a sliding scale as well. Millionaires often describe themselves as poor because they compare themselves to billionaires by subtraction.

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