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      Logic of Null


Null is a MetaProperty as a Triadic in conjunction with the MetaProperties All and One. All is representative of the Conservative while One is representative of the Progressive Paradigm or pre-industrial Indigenous culture and Excess & Profit industrial societies.

The All of the Conservative Paradigm is typified by Conservatism, Polytheism, Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy. The One of the Progressive Paradigm is typified by Progression, Monotheism, Patriarchy, Capitalism and Fascism.

Outside the duality of All and One which is body and mind or Condition and Context is Cognizance, or the Null represented as other dimensional, commonly called Spirituality and Religion. However Religion is associated here with Monotheism and the Progressive Paradigm and Spirituality with Polytheism and the Conservative Paradigm. Thus the Null would be associated with a third Úlan-vital outside of Spirituality and Religion called Metaphoria. Null is the metaphorical outside the All and One. Null is a Spiritual-self transcendent of a single material lifetime. Null is the self with a Null-way of thinking and consciousness. Null is the other side of life.


The All can observe the One as oneself and as others. The One can observe the All by the same measure. The Null would be an observer of the All or the One or of both, from outside, as observing another person. The Null is a perspective of observation, but it is not the origin of the observer. Null is as-if observational from the point of view of an other-dimensional source. The Null thus is bipolar as the physical and a non-physical self. The individual observes the self and others as from whom ever or as other-dimensional.

The self and the Null is a team the Null as other-dimensional. How would this other view oneself ? The self and the Null is a team, the self physical and the Null as other-dimensional.

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