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Logic of One

Me Myself and My

The Logic of One is Me Myself and My, as a psychological consideration of putting oneself ahead of everyone else. One is representative of self - interested, centered, involved, important, concerned selfdom. One is defined as the opposite of All representative of altruism, commonalities, community, public and social union, organization and government.

The appellation One is called a MetaProperty and is conjoined with All and Null. All and One are descriptive of the Conservative (All) and Progressive (One) Paradigms said to be the fundamental social psychological duality of the human condition. Null is defined as other-dimensional Spirit and Soul outside the Conservative/Progressive duality.

All Together Now

The Conservative Paradigm refers to cultures proceeding the introduction of Progressive Materialism, of which the primary tenants are Conservatism, Polytheism, Matriarchy, Socialism and Democracy.

The Logic of One

Begins with the abstraction of the self and culture from the natural environment, with the creation of the Metaphysical Ideal, which may take the form of Monotheism, as the One perfect God above All else. The All worships the One - the origin of fascism. However Monotheism was originally not all that common, essentially consisting in three major religions as Judaism, Islam and Christianity each originating from arid desert lands of the Middle East, Christianity primarily spread world-wide by fascist colonialism. Monotheism is called Religion.

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