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Concerning the question as to whom and from what plane, physical or spiritual, that decisions are made, by any higher order of living entity, it seems it could be established that there is a material human identity, independent of the Spiritual Plane.

It is assumed that there does exist the physical world termed the Positive Dimension and the animate memory termed the Negative Dimension. The Negative Dimension, as memory is a replica of the positive or a comparative slate, that can be altered so as to create alternatives to qualities and conditions, as they exist in the physical world. By manipulating the physical body to correspond to changes and alternatives created by the manipulation of the memory, the physical body is controlled and changes are made in physical space.

There arises the question as to exactly what is the entity that controls the manipulation of images in the memory. Is it purely a material physical phenomenon, of merely biological and chemical combinations that take place in the brain, or is there higher control involved, reaching possibly into a Spiritual Plane? Who or what makes decisions in the mind?

The ability to create change in the Physical Plane is the formation of a controlling self, that must decide what changes to make, and is responsible for those decisions through the sensory system, which is subject to pain, damage and destruction, as well as varied pleasures. This controller is termed the Memory Self, as a relationship between the Positive and Negative Dimension, through the vehicle of the body and sensory system. It would seem that the Memory Self could be a completely physical phenomenon without the necessity of any higher connections to some non-physical plane, as has been espoused by materialists for eons.

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