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This is the letters, writing to an imaginary girlfriend. The story starts when I was writing the story Tour, and I got into a fight with my Ma'amMuse. She wanted me to include as a subplot, to my actual tour; some fiction I could not do. We got into an argument, and she punished me my by sending me to Ma'am School. But we made a deal. If I wrote her story; she would get-me a real girl friend; I living along and lonely.

I got an email out of the blue from a woman I had once answered of a personals ad; but I couldn't remember which she was from what I thought was a possibility of three. I responded but got no response; and I saw somehow that she was a member of Google+ social network. I could look her up. It was not that long thereafter; that I joined Google+, not to communicate with her which I did not; but was just curious. They gave about six possible people I might know; which the one's I did I I would not write not knowing well enough they not interested. Of four I never heard of, east coast and who knows; there was a woman and her icon, struck me. I joined her circle consisting in about three thousand persons at the time.

One day writing the Ma'amMuse story, I posted a page and happened to check Google+ and saw that Ma'am had posted on the same subject. I tried to write her direct with their messaging; but it wouldn't work. Couldn't do it gave it up; and decided I would write her and post it on my page. The theory was that she might see it as posted to her, and she might notice. The next day posted two photos as joke response to her posts, which were competitive. The next time I tried to post photos, it wouldn't work for two days, and I didn't try it again. A few days later she posted something that really impressed me, and I started writing her love letters posted on my home page.

Would she see them I had no idea with so many followers. I thought that if she didn't, someone in her circle might, and email or message her to so inform. And that was the theory from which all the following material derives. On my home page I get all her posts. I have only her icon that shows there. I joined no other circles, and accepted no one into mine, so that it was only her and me. Her posts almost always consist in photos or posters with or without text, and sometimes picture jokes. She generally posts from one to six a day.

A weeks worth of posts I don't remember. The following is the first one I have and I don't know what it is. "Thank-you for the many graces of-aces // the waywithall, of-supernity, of such magnitudnessness; that scarcely and succinctly I am flubberguested to mamaship; shape shore-bound // to to all gracious permissesmiss." The Modifeyity!

I have not kept her posts, but on a few occasions; as too difficult being mostly pictorial. I must interpret them as assumed reference; to what I have written her. That she ever noticed me, or reciprocated; could not be proven scientifically or in a court of law. These love letters are written very fast; in two to three hours; with an hour to two for editing. Thus there would be many mistakes; and without delayed publication, no added great lines thought of later.

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