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Marko and I began a potter's wheel building business. It was pretty much a catastrophe. SusieQ was a good partner in the pottery shop. We never that I can remember had any problems with each other. She did funded programs. She applied for summer program funds to bring the kids in from the neighborhood and teach them pottery. She also got supplies for the shop. She was always upbeat and bubbly.


However her boyfriend Marko was another story. Marko was thin, about five foot ten, dark brown hair, an aquiline nose, sometimes a goatee, wore horned rim glasses. He was about twenty-three or four years old. He was very bright and politically radical, but if one ever had any kind of intellectual disagreement, there was always and forever the I'm not wrong - 'but'. There was always a 'but' for everything. In one of our discussions I had a very brief epiphany; that I was different than him; that I could jump outside of logic into some spiritual realm. When I invited SusieQ to be my partner I didn't know she had a boyfriend.

My first problem with him was when SusieQ could get a whole bunch of fliers printed as advertising for the shop from someone known to her and Marko. SusieQ and I did the design. However when the leaflets came back from the printer they were changed. Marko had added of his own volition his own catch phrase. And we didn't much care for it.


Marko and I started a potter's wheel building business. We used the garage the next block up the hill on Elsie Street, at the house Marko and SusieQ had rented, which was cut into an adjoining empty lot that inclined steeply. It was an old wood two car, painted blue with a flat roof and two heavy sliding doors not easy to push open.

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