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Trinitarian Psychology:

Matriarchy hardly exists, as it is incompatible with Monotheism, Monoculture and the Progressive Paradigm. Oh there is the queen of England, but the government is run mostly by men and the queen is monarch only because the king her father died. All the heirs are men. Why is Monotheism's God male ? The theory of Trinitarian Psychology would have it that God is an Identity and Identities are objective oriented, or more a male trait than female, which is Ego oriented, or that-is interprets reality in terms of the context of the body.


Matriarchy if it ever existed would proceed the industrial age and Excess & Profit, which is Progressive. Matriarchy would be Conservative, which means the preservation of existing states considered of greater Consequence than alternatives that can be created to replace them. All natural change affects pre-existent states changed, such-that the original condition is not fundamentally changed, but will return to a near identical condition by the processes of regeneration and renewal over time. The female is considered of more a propensity to the Conservative, whereas the male more a propensity to Progression, by virtue of the difference between the Ego and the Identities.

Since the body is delicate, the Ego is the defender and protector of the body and thus must be somewhat Conservative, as preferring to walk as opposed to motorcycle riding. The Identities as products of the mind, can if wished be oblivious to physical danger and thus adopt dangerous Identities such as parachutist, race driver or circus aerialist. Identities as objective-oriented are advancement and promotion directed as progressive. And of course women as hearth and home, prefer and demand generally, stability and safe, sane and loving environment for children.

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