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What does life mean ? Many things to many people. Money, marriage, happiness, children, business or building. What does mean mean ? Life means some end as just suggested. Life means sensory experience as ultimately the joy of living, ending with only but memories, and perhaps a word or two written. Life can be and mean love. Life can be and mean hate and unhappy.

What's the sense if no further use after passing ? Disappeared as if never happened and never was, a bit of wave-foam on a beach of an ocean in a universe. No sense and no sense whatever. However if there was an afterlife, and a retrospective, but from what point of view ? There is more than that, but to what beginning or end ? The point of view of afterlife me. What's the context there ? Now what ?

A continuation and it would seem, that the just past-life would take on a new meaning in the afterlife now. Past and gone - what good is it now ? Alive again, but unlike born to earthly existence without memory and no seeming meaning, am begun grown. There is a lot of memory me. And if I am more than this once, why not twice, thrice or innumerable me's. And where would all that memory go ? That is or was one's life, as nothing but a memory now or how ? But that is all it-is even now, my body as it once was gone, and that living but a memory now. Once real it was, but what meaning now ? Certainly there are some things I know in the here and now, but of what meaning-that - in another dimension ? One would wonder, that-is - if I other-exist, to what extent memory ?

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