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The Given Existence as we find it is said to be of three dimensions called the Positive, Negative and Metaphysical Dimensions. The primary planetary pietisms are Polytheism, Monotheism and Mysticism. Polytheism would be said to be the Proto-Religion of the Positive Dimension. Monotheism the Religion of the Negative Dimension, and Mysticism the veneration of the Metaphysical Dimension.

Furthermore Polytheism would be said to pre-exist the introduction of Excess & Profit. Monotheism would be the Religion of Progressive Materialism which devolves from Excess & Profit. Mysticism emphasizes the mysteries of the other-dimensional.

Metaphoria would be created as an alternative ongoing project, and would include elements of all three dimensions, as logically inclusive of human experience such as finite earth, infinite sky or space, between which is the biological body.

Metaphoria is the creation of a third other-dimensional practice outside Spirituality and Religion which are correspondent the Conservative and Progressive Paradigms.

The Metaphorian perspective is outside the duality inherent in the Conservative/Progressive Dichotomy. The two fundamental Antithetical Opposites of the human condition philosophically and psychologically are the Conservative and Progressive Paradigms. While most every individual will be indoctrinated into one of these two paradigms and while one may live a study of either or both for one's educational benefit, the Metaphorian object would be a conceptual consciousness outside and independent of both. but may involve a new conception inclusive of all three.

The assumption of the Metaphoric perspective would be that there exists other-dimensional being and that communication is possible between physical and non-physical existence. Metaphoria is the consideration that specific events and circumstance in reality may by Interpretation, possess metaphoric meaning which originates from other-dimensional sources.

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