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From metaphor, here meant as state of perceptive Interpretation called by Carl Jung Synchronicity or as comment called Semiotic Language as physical material circumstance correspondent to Context as Associational Intellectual Construct.


From the Properties called [ Condition - Philosophy ] and [ Context - Psychology ] a third Property is proposed called [ Cognizance - Metaphysics ]

Condition is the meta-term for the Positive Dimension - while Context for the Negative Dimension and Cognizance represents the Metaphysical. The Properties of Condition, Context, and Cognizance are said to be Interpenetrate Planes as matter, mind and spirit.


Represent Context as the Interpretation of Condition, Context or Cognizance as short-cut symbols for the operations of the three various associatonal systems for the purpose of recognitiion, identification, interpretation, evaluation and Cognizance of any given Condition and circumstance.

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