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Metaphysical Dimension


Three dimensions are posited called the Dimensional Trinity, as the Positive Negative and Metaphysical Dimensions. The Positive is the physical material universe. The Negative is memory and mind of any given living existence, a hybrid so to speak of physical brain and extra-dimensional imagination. The Metaphysical Dimension means other-dimensional and would include the dimensionality of Spirituality, Religion and mysticism or what is called here Metaphoria.

The Metaphysical Dimension means especially the afterlife, but also trans-dimensional or inter-penetrate non-physical planes co-inhabiting the physical, usually called the spirit world. The Religion of Monotheism would have the Metaphysical Dimension as other-dimensional with no connection to the physical universe and only the province of dead people called Heaven. Any intercession in this the physical world would be the province of God and one-God alone. Since seeming intercession is often daemonic, there is the necessity of tricky Dick the Devil, since a good-God could not be held responsible. Thus Monotheism is necessarily dualistic and bipolar. Humankind lives alone in the physical vapid and hostile world devoid of ............ separate from God and the future's other-dimensionality.

The Spirituality of Polytheism would have the Metaphysical Dimension inter-penetrate with the Positive, wherein the Positive and Metaphysical are cohabitant, and in which a degree of interplay between the two is evident for those who pay attention. Rather than as with materialist Monotheism in which the world is dead and devoid of sanctity, Spirituality would have it that the physical this-world is alive, animate, teeming with both physical and non-physical being comprised of the Dimensional Trinity.

The Metaphysical Dimension is characterized by the concept of the Null.

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