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Metaphysical Dimension

Three dimensions

are posited called the Dimensional Trinity, as the Positive, Negative and Metaphysical Dimensions. The Positive is the physical material universe. The Negative is memory and mind of any given living existence, as a hybrid so to speak of accurate replica, and imagination and sleep-dreams. The Metaphysical Dimension means other-dimensional and would include the dimensionality of Spirituality, Religion and mysticism or what is called here Metaphoria.

The Positive Dimension

is all things physical or everything not of memory and mind as everything natural also called the Given Existence, and to include human contrived anomaly called Qualified States. The Positive Dimension is everything sensed by the sensory apparatus both external and internal to itself.

The Negative Dimension

is the registration by the brain as mind of the Positive Dimension thru the Sensory Apparatus as any sensation external or internal to itself, and which stores such sensory information in the memory which can be recalled by the process of Association, with the power of memory of great accuracy. The Negative Dimension is also the power at least for humans, to dis-order the memory and create realities of mind completely divorced from the physical called Disconjunctive Association. The Negative Dimension is called an independent dimension from both the Positive and the Metaphysical.

The Metaphysical Dimension

means especially the afterlife, but also trans-dimensional or inter-penetrate non-physical planes co-inhabiting the physical, usually called the spirit world. Whereas the physical body is the vehicle of travel, the memory-mind is the driver and the Metaphysical is an other-dimensional mentor as where to hopefully when consulted. As claimed by some, the Metaphysical Dimension would include such as astral projection, clairvoyance, ESP, precognition, premonition or telepathy.

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