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[First Draft]


Meta means beyond, and thus Metaphysics means beyond physical, or other-dimensional. Three dimensions are posited here as the Positive or physical, the other-dimensional Negative as memory and mind, and trans-dimensional Metaphysical as Cognizance. These three dimensions are called Secondary Properties of the Properties called Condition as Positive, Context as Negative, and Cognizance as Metaphysical. [sp]

Condition means body as material structure. Context means mind and memory of Condition, as other-dimensional duplication or match and mix, to include itself and Cognizance. Cognizance means outside the body and mind, as appreciation of Condition and Context, and of Cognizance of Cognizance, producing a fourth manifiestation called Metaphoria, consisting in the relationships of the three Properties and Dimensions and Metapherics. The Amorphosis represents levels or tiers, contained within the dimensionalities, as structual capacities of Cognizant appreciation. The Apotheosis represents the seven bodies of being contained on the various levels of the Amorphosis. Schematic


Condition is that which is Registered, by some agency of reactive response, to some Impetus that causes reaction. The Registrar would be said to possess the capacity of Registraton, of any elements of any of the three dimensions, each of which can be called the source of that registered. Condition referring to registration in the physical here and now, would be said to be primarily of the Sentient System of Somatic Being in the Positive Dimension.


Context is memory, as duplication in the Negative Dimension, of registration the Impedus as the possibility of all three dimensions. Context pertaining to any of the Dimensions, is called Recognition as identitification by the Intellective. The tree is registered and recognized, by comparison to Context as memory, as some particular tree in the Context of yard, as opposed to forest. If the Sentient System registers Impetus, the Intellective gives it Context. Impetus in present is compared in memory, to past and/or future, called Association. Past Comparison as Association can be exact duplication called Correspondent Association. Comparison can be in-exact called Disconjunctive Association, as faulty memory or untruthful Association. Future comparison is comparison expectations.


Cognizance means impetus as registered, identified and assessed. Assessment is Comprehension and Determination. Comprehension means Context including [[[[Metaphor ]]]], as any or all possible combinations of associative possibilities. From assessed Comprehension comes Deternination as decision in any given particular instance.

Determination means Condtion or Matter. via the auspices of some , as body registers and reacts to heat. Registration by the or Negative of the Metaphysical, might be such as telepathy or Synchronicity.


Cognizance would be said to be inclusive of three types of Comprehension and Determination called the MetaProperties: as All representing Condition, One representing Context, and Null representing Cognizance. The MetaProperties represent the peripheries of Comprehension contained in the dimensionalities, as peripheral Context for all possibility.


The MetaProperty All represents the cognizant periphery of Condition as dimensionality. All represents the common denominators that all of a type or periphery would possess, like the common denominator tree is forest. The All is likened to the concept of the Whole, as a limited periphery, the product it produces as Internal to itself, giving Unified Function to all of its Parts. The All represents Condition such as a planetary Whole, the function to provide as stable state for all its Parts. The understanding of Condition is called Philosophy, as the study of the Given Existence and natural world as a unified Whole.


The MetaProperty One represents Context, or the dimensionality of the Negative Dimension, as memory and mind, the study of which is called Psychology, which would be said to be primarily concerned with Interpretation and Evaluation. The One is likened to the concept of the Part, the function to produce products External to itself, that engenders the Whole. Context is defined as the individual make-up of the Parts and their relations, as individual common denominators, represents the particular in the general, or Part in the Whole. Association is by particular Recognition in the Context Whole or All. One Rabbit in the wood.


The MetaProperty Null means Cognizance, as to include the Registration of all three Properties, or Condtion, Context and Cognizance itself. Null as Cognizance would represent Registration without Context, as whatever the Impetus would be in whatever dimensionality. Every Whole is a Part and every Part is a Whole called a Controversal, the function of which to determine, which might apply in which situation and circumstance. The Null encompasses all the levels of the Apotheosis, whereas All and One are specific to the seven bodies of self called Amorphosis. [[Schematic]]. The study of Cognizance is called Metaphysics, as the study of Comprehension and Determination.


The Amorphosis represents levels or tiers, contained within the dimensionalities, as structual capacities of Cognizant appreciation, such as sentience, Cognition or Determination. These levels are nine in number, representing three levels each of the Positive, Negative and Metaphysical Dimensions. Schematic


The Apotheosis is the seven bodies of being as contained in the Amorphosis. The first or lowest level of the Positive Dimension represents physical body called Somatic Being. The second level represents the Sentient Self. The third or top level of the Positive is overlapped with the bottom or lowest level of the Negative Dimension, performing the dual function of connect between body and Mind as the province of the Ego.

The middle level of the Negative Dimension is the province of the Identities. The top level of the Negative is overlapped with bottom level of the Metaphysical and the conncect between mind and Soul, representing a dual function, and is called the level of the Ipseities as Interpretive functions.

The middle level of the Metaphysical is the tier of the Euphoric. The top level is that of the Psychesoma. A further overlap is suggested as that of the bottom first or Somatic Being, and the top as connect to the Psychesoma.


The seven levels or tiers of the Apotheosis represent the facilities of the Cognizant appreciation of the seven vehicles of self.

Somatic Being:

Somatic Being represents organic physical body, composed of Condtion, capable of and said to be the vehicle of Registration. Somatic Being is represented by the MetaProperty All, as a single unit and Whole, the primary function of which is to produce results and products internal to itself, as proper, totally regulated functioning for the capacity of its duration. Somatic Being is preserved over time by the mechanism of duplication of itself, as compatible with Condtion. Somatic Being is essentially the same for All as a Whole or type, as Registration of Condition with individual character differences.

Sentient Self:

Sentient Self represents the agent of Registration, as the Sentient System of singular Somatic Being. It is everything automatic and autonomous, as the particular history of a single being, in the whiles of whatever Condtion, as may straddle the gamut of precarious survival and everything less. Affect produces Registration, the Context of Recognition and application, as pertains to an individual history of experience, which is for the most part unconsious Context, operating independent of the conscious mind. It would be said to have much apparentness, than may or may not be appreciated by the consciousness or Cognizance.


Ego represents the connectivity between body and mind as the Ego is the thinker for the body. The Ego could be said to think in terms of feeling, with the body as its paramount concern. Because the significance of the body is imperative to its survival, the Sentient Property of the Ego is Natural Affection, that in the interest of the maintenance of body, against all ill and injury, Sentience must be true and accurate. Natural Affection means Registration and Recognition of Impetus without associative Consequential value called Emotion attached, as extrinsics other than what the Sentient System might react based on experience. The Ego is called Conservative, meaning its primary function is to maintain Condition as same or similar based on tried and true past experience.


Identities are Contexts primarily for Interpretation and Evaluation, created as the reason for activity and behavior, as producing results and products in future, which explains present animation. The Identities are creations of the Intellective, that may or may not have any factual basis in reality. Identities may also be called Interpretive Personification as character contexts for the interpretation and associative selection, as pertains to objectives of accomplishment. The Sentient Property of the Identities is Emotion, wherein a relationshsip exists between the Consequence of objectives, as effects and exagerates the Natural Affection of the Ego. The Identies are called Progressive which means objectives as alternatives to given conditions are of greater Consequence than previous states.


The Ipseities usually take the form of Interpretive Personifications, as connectives and code carriers between the Negative and the Metaphysical Dimensions, or between Identities and the Euphoric, usually called Spirit, and which is said to in turn act for the Psychesoma. Ipseities are called Spiritual, Religious and Metaphysical. And there is further what is called the Aphoristic Ipseities, which is Metaphysical Ipseity as direct correlation with the Euphoric.


The Euphoric is mid-level in the Metaphysical Dimension and acts as connective between the Aphoristic Ipseities, plural as particualar to the individual, or the Intellective and Metaphysical to include the Psychesoma. The Euphoric can communicate only that and by means of which the Ispseities, Identities and Ego can understand. The Euphoric may be called the Sentient System of the Metapysical Dimension represented as creative and appreciative exuberance.


Psychesoma would be said to communicate through the Euphoric and through Somatic Being as effecting Condition such that it can be interpreted as Psychesomic communication. A language and logic of Metaphor is needed called Metaphorics, which would be posited as communicative language between body and Soul or Somatic Being and the Psychesoma, as transitive of two dimensionalities. Since the Intellective cannot be trusted pertaining to other dimensionality, as dreams or thought considered as communication with God or Soul, more trustworthy communication is said to be that of the Registration of Condition called Metaphor and usually called Synchronicity.


Metaphorics means Condition as metaphor for Context and Cognizance, and each of the latter may be metaphor for Condition. Metaphorics is for the purpose of communication with the Metamorhosis, as a language of universal use and community cosmisity. The universality would be said to be Condition, as the possibility of appreciation by any sentient awareness, of which the manipulation of anyone as anywhere, could be construed as language called Metaphor.