If an other-dimensional self were known as a certainty, it would make the physical life of Somatic Being unreal; I'll do tomorow, thus negating its significance as consequential experience. [sp]


Any state or entity can assume any value or state of being called the MetaProperty, Null. Any Association can be attached to any present event or any already existing Association. The Associative Selector is outside any criterion for specific Associational selection, except for that required by Belief, Consequence and Conviction of the Ego. Olamic value is employed with Semiotic Language, and a component of MetaPhorics. Interpretive and Evaluative system called Ipseity Interpretation.

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Definitive Value. [sp]


Dicernian System. What is called Cognizance, as inside All and outside One; at-once with Omniscence or Null; or-as whatever it comes - it reveals itself; as many manifestations: the onus on the self to Cognate. Omniscence is paired with Ecstasis of the Euphoric.

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Natural Affection and Emotion


Omnitude means Everything is Everything, Everything as Everything. Everything is anything else. The concept that for any one thing to exist there is the requirement that all things exist, as it could be said that for any living thing to be manifest, there is required the whole of the vast universe, wherein the solar system could not exist without the galaxy and the galaxy apparently dependent on many millions if not billions of galaxies. If every single thing depends on the existence of all things, then it could be concluded that everything-is-everything, and this everything could be illustrated by the concept of the Controversal as three unified dimensions.

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Null and Controversal











[One as All is Null]


{Context as Condition is Cognizance}


Context as Condition explains Cognizance, as definition proceeding Cognizant experience.


One represents the duplication of the archetype nuanced, as the singularity of entities as single-being and one body. One is the symbol of Context because memory is ordinarily the Context of one body. One represents the associational Identities as Interpretive Personifications. One represents the Part, its purpose to produce products external to itself, as objectives and thus is termed Progressive. Accords to Psychology, as the logic of personification and the labrynith of rationales therein.

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All and Null. [sp]

[ONE as ALL]


[One as All] is a Dyadic representing the Progressive Paradigm, as a geocentric system, wherein the purpose and function of the All or Whole is the production of the One or Part. Thus the product produced internal to the Whole is the Part, so singularly significant and of such Consequence, that it alone explains and gives meaning to the existence of the All or Whole. The One explains All. Humankind gives meaning to the universe, for which purpose the universe exists. Religious defined as Monotheism is said to be religious fascism. The All regardless is to serve the One God.

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[All as One].



[One as Nulll] is a Dyadic representing Context as the Cognizance of Condition, as Interpreted through the auspices of the Ipseities, or as Spiritual, Religious, Metaphysical or Aphoric Ipseities.



Evaluative system of the Conservative Paradigm called Optimum Correspondence, which is a Positive Base, Evaluative System. Evaluation is assessed by adding and subtracting from optimum conditions, wherein the Evaluator, as the Ego represents conditions with a more or less fixed Comparative Base as the body. The Comparative Polarities are constantly changing and not necessarily predictable qualities and conditions, as opposed to the Dyadic Authoritative Comparative, wherein the Evaluator is expected to conform to fixed Comparative Polarities.

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Ipseity Evaluation


Dyadic Authoritative Comparative and Evaluation]