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In the autumn of creation when stupidity reigns supreme, and the winter of earthly existence is nearing beginning, some will wonder why and what happened as-do all future generations wonder of past generations, how could they have been so stupid - the very definition of evil ?

In two words it is what-is called the Metaphysical Ideal which would mean great oneness called Monoculture, the mono meaning one on top and the culture meaning the rest as supporting cast and exploitives. Monoculture is said to be comprised of two sub-systems called Monotheism or God and Moneytheism or Gold.

These two mayhems manifest themselves as Religion and Corporate Capitalism, both of which are sooner or later a pox on humanity and an apocalypse on nature. They are the righteous destroying the commons for the good and greater glory of One as the self as opposed to the All or for the good of everyone. What they both have in common is the destruction or exploitation of the lesser for the greater good, or the All for the benefit of the One.

How does or did Monoculture as Monotheism and Moneytheism come about ? It would be premised here that the destruction of the concept of social Equality, for the elevation of singular-selfish self interest, requires Psychology as the suppression of the Ego, meaning the Interpretation of reality thru the Context of the body. As opposed to Interpretation of reality and the world thru the Context of the personifications of objectives called Identities, as created by the mind. One body and many objectives or Identities.

The Ego as the interpreter, defender and preserver of the body is generally Conservative and satisfied with the necessities and not necessarily interested in the wants of Excess & Profit.

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