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Thus the Ego is considered by Progressive or Monoculture as negative or as the definition of the MetaProperty - One, defined here as self, singular, self-centered, individual, self-interested, autocratic and self-serving, which is said to be descriptive of Progressive Materialism, or exactly backwards of what it claims itself to be.

There is only one body and thus there is only one Ego or Thinking-I and first personality. The Ego is the product of a single body and thus most Interpretation by the Ego is thru and of the Context of the body. The attributes of the Ego are Conservative, the Whole, the All, Polytheism, Socialism, Matriarchy, and Democracy.

On the other hand Identities as personifications of objectives like mechanic, merchant marine, hair dresser or nurse are created by the mind, and thus any number can be created and any of which can be imaginary. He imagined himself a ladies man although he had no girl friends. While the Ego is Conservative and Identities can be as well, in Monotheistic and Moneytheistic materialist cultures, Identities are primarily Progressive, meaning objectives are inherent to change. The primary attributes of the Identities are Progressive, the Part, the One, Monotheism, Capitalism, Patriarchy and Fascism. It is these last attributes that comprise Monoculture.

Monotheism and Moneytheism replaces the suppressed Ego. Monotheism represses the Ego because the body is considered material, mundane, banal and pedestrian, opposite the non-material other-dimensional all-perfect God. Because the God is a product of the mind it can be perfect, whereas the body is what it is, a conformity with the planetary environment, and said to be by the perfectionists anything but perfect. Thus the Ego is reduced to anti-God and evil.

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