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Moneytheism represses the Ego because it is Identities that are emphasized as the personifications of objectives of Excess & Profit. Wherein the Ego is by nature conservative, Identities can be created and the Ego repressed, by the Capitalists to sell ever-more product identifications the Ego neither needs or wants. Identities are professions and jobs, that are not always approved of by the Ego as dangerous, unhealthy and destructive.

With the suppression of the Ego in Monotheistic, progressive, materialistic culture, the true-born individual is negated and either Identities or Ipseities as other-dimensional personified objectives, must be created as substitutes. However it is a particular Ipseity and Identity archetype that is ultimately to be achieved, and the prototype exemplar is one God mono supreme, or stardom as an elite one of kind something either God or Gold.

The Ego is exemplified by the MetaProperty All which is described by the Whole, Polytheism, Socialism, Matriarchy, and Democracy. The Identities and Ipseities are exemplified by the MetaProperty One as by the Part, Monotheism, Capitalism, Patriarchy and Fascism. Of course the former is suppressed, with Polytheism, Socialism and Matriarchy nearly unheard of, while Democracy such-as it is, exists primarily on the local level, wherein national governments are wrapped in the trappings of democracy, but the real power behind the means is oligarchal or rule by the few as Monoculture.

Concerning Monotheism, as the allowance of one and only one God, is fascist. The Part is more important than the Whole. Of Capitalism the rich leave behind the poor. Of Patriarchy the men leave behind the women. The one supreme is glorified. The winner takes all. This is Monoculture. Objectives rule the roost as more perfect being and ascension to heaven, personifications of objectives created by the mind are Identities, but in religious spiritual terms are called Ipseities.

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