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The entire world with the exception of possibly Bhutan and a few pockets of Indigenous, is under the sway of Monoculture. What or who are the superstars of nature ? Nature doesn't make anything but itself endlessly. Nature is a true physical, material reality. The Metaphysical Ideal is God or Gold, and because Monoculture celebrates the few as opposed to the many, a third fixture of the God, Gold triune is Guns, necessary to enforce what may seem unfair to the majority. Thus the Metaphysical Ideal consists in God, Gold and Guns.

The Metaphysical Ideal as elevated existence demands contrast of comparison to make it apparent. The elevated is not appealing if there is not the lowly and inferior contrasting comparative, as the singularity of rarity makes the antique valuable. Thus is inherent in the system Antithetical Opposition, as oppositional cultural segments requiring Guns for the defence of one side against the other. And of course for the elite to acquire the wealth, property and power, such as exampled by monocultural Monarchies, they must steal it from the lower orders and thus is created the concept of enemies, as fair game for theft and the resultant violence requiring ever-more Guns.

Monotheistic Religion steals the souls and Gods of the Polytheistic Indigenous and calls it salvation. Moneytheistic Capitalism steals the Gold from the Polytheistic Indigenous and calls it civilizing - with gospel and Guns. The Metaphysical Ideal is the psychology of Oneness, or why the One gets to have it all while the other does-not, is about as Complicated as it gets. The real problem with the Metaphysical Ideal is that it promotes dyadic duality by creating the extraordinary, and then it destroys that which is opposite, believing that they are doing good, as committing the most atrocious evils, presupposing sincerely they doing wonders for goodness. Evil is so uncontrolable because it so utterly stupid.

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