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Monotheism means one and only one God. Thou shall have no other Gods before me. Well then how about after ? There are only three mainline basic Monotheisms which are Judaism, Christianity and the Muslim Religions, each of which have an infinite number of secondary sects, but which which primarily divide themselves in two, as Eastern Orthodox and Western Christianity, Catholicism and Protestantism, Sunni and Shiite Muslims and Orthodox and Modern Judaism.

Christianity and the Muslim Religions could be described as subsets of Judaism and all three could be further described as desert Religion, where the dominant geographical force is the sun. But the case here is made that Monotheism is Progressive which means it accords to and is the handmaiden of Excess & Profit.

The Progressive Paradigm

Polytheism is the default Spirituality of Indigenous people that are pre-excess and profit, and of which exemplifies the Conservative Paradigm, wherein Conservative means that pre-existent states are considered of greater Consequence than their transformation and destruction for Excess & Profit, or that pre-existent natural states possess Spirituality.

With the introduction of Excess & Profit is necessitated Consequential Negation and the establishment of Materialism, which deigns all natural entities including humans to possess no inherent value and Consequence, except thru the grace of other-worldly power. Any and all things are relegated to material asset and may be exploited transformed and destroyed for Excess and Profit.

The authority for what is of Consequence becomes the results and products of Progression using the engine of Excess & Profit. What becomes of the greatest of Consequence is progressive evolution from low to high, primitive to sophisticated or poor to rich.

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