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Notes & Errata

July 23
Notes and Errata : Erotica - Emotea - .Iwrotea : BeMay - "will miss you man" ~ and he was genuinely saddened - "this your last" ? ^maybe^ - but I said yesterday was the last - but this is jottings ~ I can't quit ~ I can't go cold-turkey - I have to write or go nuts ~ again on Point Bench One - waiting to detach ! But I got to get around this time ~ and it may be my last ~ and their sits Romania at his fishing pole station ~ say goodbye to ten years :

But it's all changed now ~ new and improved with fences - Same old people never again ! Thought I would just do jotting ~ with no schedule and no necessity ~ when it gets done : Push on ! The merry go-round will cease to be - O beauty lake ~ and it once was Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park ~ but really just a continuum ~ of the commentary long distance runner ~ with no time or space to do back story fill ~ and could I conceivably detach ? But right now ~ the Sleeping Lady is invisible under a flat pan-cake gray cloud aloud ~ with slumber and grey ruffled eye - O seem I ~ am a read-man with and or not :

Worked all day yesterday and got most packed ~ the problem now what and where ? So nervous I am smoking like a chimney - What can and I can't be done - "come to cause-be my dear ~ or I will let you sail away" ! So what has notes got without erotica ? She asked ~ and I talked the unconscious mind is so busy ~ I need to get it out - and did write a great poem in dream scape last night - but didn't sleep well ~ and it took two neon greens ~ to give me two hours apiece - I am sore to-be tested ~ late-fated might here :

I might under more fore ~ and carte-blanch has been given ~ the long distance all that never comes : And the cabbie is still waiting for his girl friends insurance fortune ~ still any day now the money will come ~ and he's going broke because he retired to early ~ thinking he was rich as yet immaterialized !

My fate is in the am's - how long ? Damn Damn ~ wish is in he wind-swish ~ and her is will-take a miracle - so I cannot write without a salute to the last time : There goes the farmer still not talking - for the last time : Morning People - lake water breath invigorating ~ very chlorophyllic - indefinite more-sure : I can't just go back to boring metaphysics ~ and there is no last time for these people ~ for first and last is just the same in the present - art without comment ~ unless one goes to the trouble :

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