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I don't think any of them has the ability to appreciate the artist's mind - further into the center as they all look out the other way ~ and only some look in : Hi Beck Might He Be - she walks into his photo elegantly the perfectly posed ~ but he's waiting for the right spot ~ missing her perfect entrance ~ so she has to make up - his ponderous pose only she finds acting difficult ~ so she strikes a pose in spite :

He doesn't know her do he ? and why does she stay with him knowing his love is only an image - hoping one day he will learn the real her ? The women are more conscious than men ~ as she posed on the wall in black and levis ~ pin-up blond in dark sun-glasses and his photo shoot over ~ she looks at me - so how was that ? and I looked back Just Great ! A gem and a Genie ~ but now a car alarm horn blares trumpet war :

She's in love with an orange shirt ~ dark sun-glasses and black ball cap - as she sits at his feet - And this one likes not to be kept waiting ~ as he stares at his screen - Work Related ? All normal Pertainians they stand together - and he doesn't know ~ that I know what he doesn't know ~ and can't know leaving me void ~ the secret of creative :

She poses in selfie and then for the boyfriend - in blue under stylish black silver studded jacket ~ over jeans highlighted - and walks by and I glint my ascent - and she carried it off for such a small body : Yes Am ~ I'm sorry - but you must know you are my grounding ~ and I have you on paper in the driver's seat next ~ consulting whenever I run low ~ I was permitted and cannot be spelled be-one a-be :

They while-once got behind the wheel ~ and boldly backed and then peeled out for the girls to reel - they now sit sometimes engine running ~ and stare at their phone screens : As a monster blue truck-fender blocks the majority entrance view : He interrupts her taking selfies of herself - to shoot her him self - and she does her president's statuesque for him : Blue truck has a white hard hat in the cab ~ and I think he works at the micro-site behind :

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