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How do you feel about that Mr Mercurial Mad Hatter ? Go ask Alice ! My strategy was to play along and keep to all the King's decrees as I angled for my freedom - So I never took advantage and gave the tourists hand rides like the Statue of Liberty and played safely with the nine inch beings until they would trust me :

As I predicted ~ all mono social political organs sooner or later splits in two ~ knocked in battle for supremacy locking everyone else out - A fascist duopoly in Ping Pong land where it's constant dollops of salt and sugar ~ sea salt and honey dippers and I am but the Little Dipper : O naked legs all others covered ~ in the brisk cool breeze grainy gray ~ do you tease me ? Do you know I'm so low ? "lost in a masquerade" :

The Lilipoots are at war with the next island over ~ more nine inch men and an invasion by ship is imminent : O tight bottom and the argument began only many moon glows knows ~ which came first the chicken or the beg ? And the sides split and divided over the issue ~ Chicken because begs come from chickens and are golden for my poultrist - But no shouts the other half ~ beg sayers must come from begs - And the beg sayers wore high heels and the begs wore low and they were always at it like Athens and Troy - Athena more socialist and Troy fascist family capitalism :

O you are capital Maam ~ green tight ankle length naked feet stand out - Swift is describing the social dynamics of the pecking order ~ as pre-ordered by money ~ but probably the most prestigious some say Korea ~ 8th century Japan - I studied the culture thru house building and design ~ all the houses were uniform and the garden in back was the front ~ and all walls within the house slid away to reveal the garden which could be seen from any vantage within - Varied tone rocks under the drain gutters ~ frogs crickets ~ and this book was done by a professional etching draughtsman from New England ~ described the tools and techniques ~ methods of sharpening chisels :

Angel but blue on the wall and presents be all ~ O heaven Taffy apple wanton dream ~ such a let me be thank you Am : The difference was the cost of materials the houses all the same design ~ and when fires swept thru the cities thatched rooves ~ so that all the street corners had fire proof towers where running scrambling people all orderly with furniture beds and jewels ~ stashed their belongings fire storm coming ! And the short legged carpenters followed the fires and rebuilt it all exactly as before : "Walk this way" ~ I love you bleached blue jeans glass hour O thank B Am :

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