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The individual behavioral adoptions were unconscious and really just the first stage is discovering the what's unconscious ~ what one is unaware that negatively affects or controls one automatically ~ behaves one a remote mannequin :

The buses roll thru and do not stop ~ although just the Citadel can be seen now ~ a small batch in hatch work quilt : I found one had to practice the unconscious out of doors and with people ~ and in my early city walks I communicated by silent body language and many or most men unconscious :

Consciousness how other people perceive one : Mr RedPants is lost and seems to be waiting for his friend who is mad at him and hiding somewhere ~ so RedPants paces in dour blankness : The lady is off work and I have her full time : This jogger she was particularly nice to that guy going out of her way ~ but not for me a form of prejudiced ~ I say because he has been on the outs and I have been on the ins ~ liberal prejudice and it's unconscious with them :

And in fact because I am on the ins I should be ashamed myself ~ some sort or reverse psychology sexual immersion subversive : Fog is heavy again blank check ~ they stare down into the Null but we remember ~ we know what it will look like :

Bob reached the inner grotto thru two gates and I found it interesting ~ millionaires live in hovels or small but very ample houses ~ on property of which there would be skyscrapers - The elite is to own and sell not and keep the empire buildings at bay in the millionaire section of down-town city Havana - To visit the Engineer who is dancing in the dark with light and music ~ he and his girl twirl on the patio and they assume Bob has been sent by Engineers ex-wife - She sent the priest so she must have sent him said the girlfriend the dirty devil dog ~ so really Bob didn't have to say much but make denials ~ I've never met Mildred they had mentioned a dozen times - She sent you here or how would you call her by name ?

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