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American history eighteen hundreds ~ and they settled the west a mis-translation often happens in the Empire - They stole the west ~ from the Indians and Spanish but you can bet they had justifiable reasons the very definition of morality ~ any entities Consequence determines its treatment or fate if you will - However only the moral can decide what's moral with a book of morals endlessly told and retold less end - Be a lesson to you :

Her hand tight pocketed in blue jeany pants and thread bare knees ~ her thumb hooked out of pocket pants pointing to and you can see daylight thru there - But I like it a bit more snake wrap - Well with my record I could probably daily imbibe have free till the end ~ without catching up with the mortality averages ~ but then if I am smoking as well ~ I need and oral prophylactic a barrier against ?congenital femininity ~ banana leg Maam :

They pay cash around here so no chance for bidders to buy anything : O luscious lady until she clips me I got clipped ~ but I asked for it and clipped again once a week a were bring :

Four ~ Sensorium Ego Identities and Ipseities the sensory psychology system ~ and I could philosophize her glazed eye black over white mephistos a circus here now : "Hair down to his knees ~ a joker must be he ~ does what he please ~ toe-jam football" ! Well maybe that's going a bit too far and I don;t know how they do it painless groin grooming Seven Scissors Clips gives where oneself :

A fair photo day they are in luck ~ and do not realize what it could have been - SF a hope and a prayer and this is the promenade so strut it ~ but you are all too modest :

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