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Pierre the size of two men ~ is in love with BeOfMeOf but he will never tell her and BeOfMeOf is getting feelings or thoughts for Pierre ~ while betrothed cousin care-take cares BeOfme until she finds meaning in her life God : First love affair six or seven teen ~ I was the first love at least twice same sort of woman ~ volley ball size earrings but more practical ~ deck of cards beauty : The German context ~ science cannot be wrong and we as invented science so we cannot be wrong ! Un-wrong ! do it our way or else :

Europe the Empire's field of war all of it with FateNo booms at the wall of Troy ~ while Hillwill can't keep her security emails from the evil Putzin inside the has-all of Wherehego ~ cavorting in evil a regular conniver - And over in the Pacific China and Empire are skirmishing over trade routes the Empire can close in an eye wink ~ while China is building overland the roadway to the Bosphorus dock door :

Putzin puts on a display of fire works ~ more advanced than the Empires against the IsNot ~ so what does the Sultan prefer ? the door to the East or mayhem everywhere West :

Russians barred from the Olympics ~ rescinded I think ~ the Empire like German '36 - Saw a German film in class the 36 Olympics without Capitalist propaganda ~ great film of sports action banned in most theaters - You may have to see it an Xland outdoor in the X-frame car with laser raced thru the arctic where Polar Bear is God :

Sunny a lot of tourists the bay half evaporative ~ a blue white scene Amma ~ from fire into the pan I'm going to land to somewhere my life a why art ?

July 27
Road Runner ! Naw - is there any such thing ? Tule type fog and it wisps by here across the distant cities found in an anything ~ first founded day will give it a try :

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