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O Palm will it tree ? Notes and errata and I am carrying water - a small flask but still heavy - flopping to and fro ~ upon my alls - I feel the tap tap wrap ! and I feel the subtle suffix pulsating palaver - the ought-her - ought all known is-on - padding pad bad ~ and I think to my be's - O how I worship the who makes me take ~ the walk of death :

At all ~ I am on my knees please ~ as the sun brights for the first time - but I love bone-marrow like a dog ~ and the faster I walk the more quickly beats the none : Slow down and step into it - stick out your breath - O the humbler and I cannot help but look ~ and she took note ! Control yourself ! squawked the Raven !

Am again ~ I am being catastrophically hath waited - and I must say my goodbyes to Ganderson for the last time ~ and he did his dance and a Maam walked up : I hadn't seen her in a long one-time regular ~ from Berwyn Chicago ~ and the sweetest and wonderful of women :

Slap slap slap ~ continuous and I have to sit to stop it - But how-will I get home ? her-she ~ her-she ~ her-she ~ until I why-will were : "Morning Maam" ~ and I don't have time to make good byes with over to recycling and errands : And I know ~ but they don't ~ the never again of me :

If I walk in half stoop ! the gentle chiding happen happen subsides - but the slight shines on my be-must stoop I ~ across the promenade - and the sun glares on the olive green-gray water and blisters my eyes - and the lady slumbers in froth white drift clouds ~ a beautiful summer morning with permission please :

July 23
I'm weak ~ approaching the nine am hour ~ and worked 12 hours yesterday packing ~ and been for an hour-half this morning - more like organizing ~ what goes where ~ immediate future and future be : I am sorting thru socks and T-shirts and various apparel backside on my not for much longer bed ~ and I'll pack a dozen and wear but two :

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