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Hate her ~ it is easy to do ~ recall that time ~ she planed it all along and is bleeding the words out of you ~ like an oil well until there comes a day - Poof ! and she will be gone to infinity ~ while you much to your chagrin ~ find yourself in finity ~ with your new found friend - Hate !

Forget all the love she showed everyday - or the bloody moon : When did you two meet ? It was on the looming night of the bloody red moon ~ a reminiscence to scare the grand-kids with ~ as he found darkness but could find no-blood ~ in the moon's bigness loom - Ominous ~ it must have scared the natives and there was spiritualities built around :

No it would be easy - but you are still there - but where-why her at ? is the quest then : I have to get a foot in two world's ~ and the house will be again crowded : I'm in big trouble - wait till they hear - "we told you" - ^You were right ~ I write but you are right ~ not like I once did ~ You're right ~ she doesn't exist^ - "at last" - ^and I can no longer think that she does^ ~ except secretly - "What are you writing" ? ^Philosophy ? I am a philosopher : and I'm wondering which concept do I want to work on next^ ?

A sure way to get back in that world - if not real about reality : People have so many different opinions and want philosophers to sort-out which is the best - How to spend time ? I found the most fun and interest was problem solving - but if it is to be a lifetime's work ~ it has to be complicated : All image and no action why ? Because he didn't have a body -

He was a spectral on an assumed mission ~ to prove his reality but he could not - So he hangs and hovers around scaring people but cannot prove to Love he exists : therefore we conclude he is not real but only remembers reliving memory ~ caught in the belief that he made memory and was not memory be : No ! her could he not ~ though he spins a yarn every day to stay alive - O the humiliation ~ apparently he's just a dream and doesn't is - and she does not even know of his existence - But it is all imaaminary : And you definitely have to appreciate the Maam - I kiss her boots - for we got a lot of that word of years worth and I owe my writing life to Maam !

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