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Pack for cold San Francisco - so many decisions ~ what I can get in one car load ~ which is all they have room for in any case ~ and I will take up residence in their living room ~ while I wait for the living whom ~ and what to do with her - a character change : I love you Am and always will ~ and if we never were to meet ~ it is better to love than not so sweet :

So what can I call you ? Canada or Canacan't ? Yes I wrote her for years ~ but she didn't appear and remained apparitioned - so I say it's because she lives in Cantada and I can't : or conversely ~ we have a story going and she has decided not to end it - the rational of the hopeless bipolar : Where is your imaginary girlfriend ? And no-one believed in her except me ~ so it could be ~ and will-see - they were all right and I was the only one wrong ~ a sure sign of delusions grand-her !

So the move is costing me a bundle - storage ~ truck rentals and what ought and him also ~ so he won five hundred dollars on the lottery - and I suppose I will have to say now ~ he is a good and great son - and I will be living with his wife - her mother and my grand daughter of 18 months : New characters and the grandmother doesn't speak a word English and the G-daughter not much more :

The lady is outside painting the wood shed and I see her in the mirror from my bed as I an up and down nearly all packed ~ another ten hour day : I taught her how to paint and she picked it up in couple of minutes ~ and nearly has the ten by cube three sides painted ~ including eves in less that two hours : My son is a great guy and we get along perfectly ~ so we will get to spend a lot of time together ~ and this is starting to read like a family album : Et Cetera

July 24
Morning beautiful : My world is gone belong ~ a shell waiting for my oatmeal and coffee to kick in ~ and making my last soup here and making Who : Lost home and lost love : "Just keep ~ playing those mind-games forever" - "'Got to let it know'" : So I am futzing around waiting for the Lady to call - patching with quick-set cement and getting ready to paint - when a woman with an interesting but not Canadian voice calls - "This is Bob" I say thinking be-it is called - and my heart soars to the heavens - ^O I'm sorry I must have the wrong number^ : Sorry you know not - But you have the right number - only the wrong woman ~ and I resume my hard-hearted whom Maam instantly - pessimistic and got to be kidding ~ yea right !

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