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I comfortably chair-sat in front of the writer ~ in my white writer's smock and pulled out my writing pad and put on a performance writing five paragraphs in ten minutes but threw it away just for show ~ and opened up my bird book writer's desk and took out a second sheet : She did give me an almost not begrudged ThankYou short on emphasis : What I noticed and it is a classic library if perhaps overly serious ~ is that I could not begin to describe the ceiling ~ so I circled around it for ten minutes and I still don't have a clue - They have those great Library of Congress green light shades :

SOB give me a drink ! Give me a smoke ~ Go get your own will and leave me alone - I'm not anyone's mind master role-model ~ and I have always been careful and moderate : Security I would think ~ may terminate inappropriate role-models ~ but really someone has to relieve the pent-up energy of social forces ~ but rock stars all dying at twenty-seven ? seems more that Security could accomplish :

The gossipteers all went private and I can't afford their world tour jaunt travels carrying the goodness torch : I have gotten the fewest looks here of anywhere right here ~ and I think BrownBoots was it ~ that's all Hello : Yes you predicament me Maam ~ and I always said not me ~ but does one have to do everything oneself ? Two weeks and still not talking ~ me either - and everything she says which is a lot ~ I can't understand in foreign tongue : There should be a universal language ~ and do in other countries ~ where education is more important than morality American style - They made it English ~ the language of the empire really ~ the Latin of the modern age :

Only German Nazis think it ought to be German ~ guttural Nox-vergan be a pain ~ and though I'm half German ~ I can't stand German food and so much for genetic disposition ~ the reason I like beer ~ racial heritage family glory and the dog ~ but I am more-be : Spirituality is universality - Black Bird clipped my ear almost flying in the window ~ and here we can be equal if you can understand me :

Why not Cidadelia and the Cidadelians metaphorically speaking ~ however there are none around here - Are there any anywheres ? Up up up up up up cafe ? a new song : Army has stopped by on his bike ~ with a handicapped sign on the back ~ and must be Security in olive green disguise ~ because there is nothing handicapped about him ~ in his khaki green as he picture phones his bike :

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