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The last two next-parked front fenders ~ are the same but different colors ~ while more women than one can shake a stick at : Mostly semi-beautiful people if common ~ for aristocrats can't be seen with people ~ except in noble service ~ for no impurity is allowed to fester in the I there : A second cigarette smoker and she is shapely in all black outline and playful even ~ but here comes a mountain Maam only an Island Pacificer ~ so she's the every-bit a Maam but modestly :

Two mothers watch two daughters photoing in red-lipstick ~ black-white stringed print pattern silver dress gray ~ as one Maam waves hot to me while gray photographs a family of they-all seated on the wall - and it is hot and I motion back a first friendly and I am sweating like has not it been a week ? and guess I must go : Yes this is not hard to heat : Be-is Am

August 16
Harry Not-here under the Where's - back to the future except today ~ I am facing west opposite east ~ where an ocean could be seen but for the morning haze or fire smoke : I am pretty much alone here am ~ with occasional hikers bikers joggers and the tourist buses pass : I'm a tourist attraction ~ but I'm not on the map ~ hidden in plane site :

Synchronicity a further examination of Spirit ~ and here are people young-people ~ who run from the bottom of the hill to the top ~ and back down again ~ one just passing me : I sit and fly ~ knowing that nothing is there - I forget ~ and I can watch who-drives by ~ the rich and the poor ~ and I have portraits of both as they just passed me : Speculation Spirit - Selfie sticks this hiking couple just portraiting themselves together ~ and then he portraited me with his mind and some these people are missing something :

Spirit and memory and I was thinking again - I am as alone as-if ~ I was on a HitchCock Highway in corn country ~ getting strafed and where did all this begin ? back in New Thinkdom - mistaken identity - I'm not who I am - as I visited the United SayWhens to prove :

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