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Sun again : Ego the consciousness directed from within the Sensorium ~ it's purpose internal to itself ~ and the Identities purposeful for external objectives meaning and consequence ~ while the Spirit is the conscious director of the Metaphorian Soul Whole with the Ipseities and Identities as external exigencies :

But O didn't you hear said Elliot to Narrator back in London ~ the wedding didn't take place - Sophie disappeared - She visited Amma at her apartment but Amma had to take her child to the dentist suddenly and Sophie waited two or three hours and then simply disappeared ~ vanished and Bob searched for her for days and weeks ~ her old haunts but still no-one no's where she is ~ but no doubt back on the bottle quipped Elliott :

Was Amma pleased ? Was Amma complicit ? What happened to Bob ? She's big and she nodded big for I saw her coming and I nodded big ~ and that woman runs like a boy and are they all suburban kids ?

God as Null and god is about as Null as it gets - And so for the first time I have introduced God into my system - Ok you can come in now and I know you've been waiting all these years but what do you expect of Null ? I never was a follower of any of your children so called and stand-ins of God's finity ~ so what do we do ? Play dress-up Maam in knee high browns and I better abscond before I infiniate O Am !

January 24
Morning Maam ~ mixed gray blue over why ? Some people sleep in their cars up here like gray next door ~ probably more convenient than going home ~ because it is quite a vision in the night time city golden orange light ~ but I preferred the old energy deficient white light if washed out more relaxed :

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